Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sudden Changes and My New Ward


So ​this week was pretty good. I heard about what happened on 9/11 in arizona....BUt what are the details. Elder **** is from AZ so he is kinda nervous about it. Also, I am looking hecka fly right now, since Elder Johnson just cut my hair! Woot woot!

We had Zone Conference this week. It was fantastic! Pres. Frandsen gave a great message on the Holy Ghost. I felt like I was in general conference. He talked about how to feel the Spirit, we need to be worthy but also compatible and available to the Spirit. It was a fantastic message. He talked about how we need to be compatible. That was like the part that resonated more with me. That we can still be worthy, but we need to be open to it. He used the new music rule as an example. We were not listening to anything unworthy, we could just be listening to things that would be more compatible. It made the rule click with me. I haven't been violently opposed to it or disobedient, but it was nice to finally get the "why" of the change.  
 I feel like I received a lot of revelation for what I can do to help our investigators. I came with one of our investigators, named M****l, in my mind so I could hopefully receive some guidance as to what I need to do to help him. I really liked the teaching with the Spirit practice with the Highland YSA sisters. During the practice I was really focusing on what the spirit was prompting me to do. I realized I hadn't been relying as much on the spirit in lessons. So because of that I set a goal for myself of consistently praying for guidance during lessons. I am happy to report that when we taught M***** there was a HUGE change after the lesson. He understood why he needed to be baptized and he said he is close to finally choosing a day to be baptized! It was a huge step for him and we are really excited about that.

We committed someone for baptism last week as well! She is like 22 with a child, and she is dating a great guy who is a member already, but they need to get things straightened out with their situation before we can proceed. I am sure But the b they will do what they need to do!! Anyway, he is 19  and he is super fun! He is always saying things like "THATS HOT FIRRREEE!" "THAT FIRES HOT!" like randomly while we are teaching. So only in union city would that happen but its awesome..

The ward is doing really well, we have some potentials that should be becoming investigators this week! The ward is willing to help us go on splits and also find new investigators for us! I really love it here. The Bishop is an awesome example of faith and works. He really has an emphasis on missionary work and the ward catches on to it as well! 

I went on exchanges with Elder A again. He is of course awesome! He wants to know if you all wanted to go to his homecoming!  I said y'all probably would! 

I got the box of training gear and white shirts! THey are all perfect! Thank you so much! I am using them so don't worry! I am getting fit so I am really excited for that! Thank you for all that you are doing.

Love you all! 
Elder Meier

September 7th

So it's been a crazy week!

I got Emergency transferred to the Hayward Zone! Nothing I did wrong so don't worry! But it was my choice. Its a long story...So I talked to the AP's and President about it. I told them that it would be best if I would get ET'd so I did. I am in Hayward still the Zone Leader and everything so yeah.

Well my new companion is Elder J from Gilbert Arizona! He is hecka funny! Also, a really good missionary, he also is all into eating healthier and stuff. We also work out every morning so it's a blessing that he is here with me.

In other news....today while I was backing up I accidentally hit a pole....So that sucks. First time out here, I thought I was doing so well. But It was pretty bad scrape. I feel so stupid! haha! Well to recap the key points of the week.
We had MLC again and it was a pretty good time, the night before I was packing for the ET. I was up until like 1 in the morning packing because we didn't get home until like 9 and I wanted to wash all of my stuff before I packed it all in. At MLC we talked about the upcoming events such as Zone conference! It was fun seeing Elder  A  and Elder B,  being AP's together! They are all super awesome together. 

Then we had the ET up at the mission home right after MLC. It was really on the down low because it wasn't that big of a dealio. But then after the ET we taught a Book of Mormon class and I got to meet a few of the members, they are actually pretty cool! The ward is really missionary minded and are super good. All the missionaries in the mission say this ward is one of the best. I believe it, the Bishop is probably one of the most faithful guys I have ever met. You just kinda look at him and you just think dang. The spirit is strong with that one. I also ended up going on exchanges with Elder Y! One of my companions from the MTC! he is doing great and a really awesome missionary!

 We talked with a lot of people on the street! One was actually really cool.......So we were walking down this road and we notice this African American Young adult and child sitting in the driveway of an apartment complex. So we obviously went and talked to her. Her little daughter who was like 3 or 4 runs up to me and just randomly hugs me....which was cute but against the rules. Anyway, we try talking to her and she says "no. Go away. I don't wanna her 'bout your Jesus" so we asked why not and she said "I listen to people that are actually preachers." she was super sassy the whole time BTW, so I sassed back (kinda) and said "turns out we are preachers"! I showed her the card that proves we are preachers and she kinda fell silent.Then her mom came out and tried to bash us...but she had no bible knowledge at all, E. Young and I just testified to her (the mom) about the truthfulness of the Restoration of the Gospel, the spirit was really strong, and the mom had nothing to say so she went back inside. 

But after that, the daughter totally opened up to us and wanted all of our information and was going to go to church and everything. It was a really cool change that we experienced. After exchanges Elder J and I went and had a good day and at the end of the day we went and OYM'd (open your mouth = talk to as many people as we can) some more we had one conversation just last night at around 830. 

We were walking  and an Indian lady came out and greeted us kindly. We started talking to her then her husband came out. Then a few minutes later another lady came out. We pulled out a Book of Mormon and preached away. We felt like we were on a soap box crying repentance. Pretty sweet. But they just said that they have many books and that their ways are higher than books. We don't need books to know God. So they wouldn't take the book. They all were jabbing at us and we were just standing there holding the book.

 A couple of sentences later, one of the Ladies said something and then I felt like I had a chance, and I slipped the book in her hand and she accepted it. I tell ya....They were  hard to work with! But they are so loving and kind! Awesome people. Just not too willing to try new things. Understandable. It was just a really cool experience being apart of both of those. I felt so good afterwards and I knew that we were doing the right thing, even though people say we are wrong I know we aren't and I actually feel confident in telling people that we are right!

How was the week for all of you??
Love you all!!!!!
God Bless,
Elder Meier

on excahnges with e. young last week
the damage to the car
storm troopin'
the spiders at our apartment complex....they were both |                    | <-- That big like the body...

​exchanges with the AP's!

Monday, August 31, 2015


Well, this week was pretty dang good! We were able to teach a lot of lessons this week! Which is always a good thing to have! Still in the YSA ward and I am still loving it! There are a bunch of awesome people to support us and all that goodness! I am still alive and whatever

But this last week E.O and I went to this place called Hazel's it's apparently some famous place in this area. But anyway....they are famous for this huge burger called the Willy burger! It's literally the size of a Frisbee, like it was huge! I ATE ALL OF IT! I felt like I was going to get so sick after, but I ate it :D It was hard eating dinner that day, because I basically ate 4 different hamburgers with everything on them when I ate the Willy Burger! It was fun though! Elder O didn't eat it all....But that's okay! He only had a little bit left! 

Other than that we met with a few of our investigators! E--- is a guy found at LMC he is awesome! He is a Jehovahs Witness and he is very spiritually in tune! We taught him the plan of Salvation and he actually grasped it pretty well! He asks a lot of questions and they seem like good genuine questions! We also added a new investigator named C---! He is from the Congo! He used to be really religious but then he started asking questions and he lost his faith. Which is sad because questions are supposed to build our faith. But we taught him a little bit about the Restoration and then prayed with him and got a return appointment! So that is exciting! We also taught N---, who basically just tried to tell us that she got her answer and that it was a no. So that was awkward...but we invited her to go to the temple and she accepted! So we can't wait for that. Then...oh man...this gets weird. So, the Antioch 2nd elders gave us one of their investigators named J---, they told us that she was pretty solid and that she is interested in learning about the Gospel. So we were all like! Okay! cool! We will teach her! So we give her a call and set something up.But in the end, she and the family were not that serious and it was a really crazy visit... so I am not sure what happened with them prior to that. We had to kindly visit, and left without any opportunity to get a lesson in. They had to leave.

My favorite scripture story right now is in Mosiah! Chapters 20-24 when it talks about 2 different people in bondage and how the both respond to that bondage differently! It's awesome to compare how they relate! My challenge to you this week, is to look that up and let me know your thoughts!

Love you all!!!

August 24th: Short but Sweet

August 17th: Blessing From the Lord

August 10th: ACCEPT CHANGE

August 10th:
Hey Y'all!

Also, sorry I am coming on so late. I was on a hike with some members! It was a good time!  It was weird cuz it was yellow and there are a ton of hills. Not the same kind of hike like in Utah, but it was still pretty :)
Well lets get down to business! This week was pretty bomb! So our investigators...we only saw C---, N----- and R----. C---- and N---- are still good for this Sunday! Woot Woot! We haven't gotten all the details yet of who is doing what but it is happening! It's been kinda hard to schedule it though, because it was first going to be on the 16th, but then it was moved to the 15th, then it was moved back to the 16th. Mainly because C--- wants to be confirmed that Sunday. But we were finally able to work it all out so everyone is happy :) N--- is solid as well! Really not much to report. R--- was also really solid. She is just kinda meeting for info, but she is starting to open up a little more. She mentioned how if God opens another path for her she usually takes it, but for some reason, the LDS isn't one she thinks she should take. So we are helping her see God is showing her a better way to go! I just think it will take a little time for her to come out of her shell.
We also had MLC, there has  been a change in rules concerning music....we are now only able to listen to MoTab and Hymns :( I fought long and hard to keep it anything spiritual, but I guess missionaries always push it so President wants to make it this way...It actually hasn't been too bad! It helps with the spirit so I guess that isn't too bad. And I should not have tried to direct anything..I know its for the best...
 It was a good week. OH I ALMOST FORGOT!  I went on exchanges with E.A on his birthday! It was a good time! He is an awesome elder, and I am always learning from him! Such a stud! Here are some pictures...but I am sure you already saw them!!!

​Love yall!!!
Elder Meier

Aug. 4 TEMPLENESSITY & YSA Missionary Minds

So to first answer some of your questions from the last email (see I read them haha!) ๐Ÿ˜€I think we are going to start working on the basics once again, I think that will really help the mission. Tomorrow is MLC and we usually figure out what President Frandsen wants us to change. The Grill is going pretty well, it was all cleaned up and it was working, but we got super excited and grilled a lot. But now there is no propane in the tank so it is useless right now until we fill it up.
Our investigators are doing awesome! N--- is still on date to be baptized on the 16th! She is so cool, I was thinking a lot about how much she has changed over the past few months and it has been ASTOUNDING how much progress she has made! She is literally soaking everything in! C--- is the exact same way! He is super stoked to be baptized, he is doing everything and learning everything and loves all of it! He has soooo much support it is awesome! Man he is soo cool! He was actually at the All-Poly camp last summer, so you probably saw him....Nadine is also doing pretty good! She is still asking weird questions but she is reading. Which, for her, is a big step in the right direction! R--- is a new 'gator and so is a guy named N--! They are both really curious and ask awesome questions! Nico might play for Dixie (cuz I recruited him) haha! jk. But he is a baller and so he might go play there! M---- showed up to church with her  friend E---! Which was super awesome, E---- is getting active and now he is doing missionary work! Man I love that guy! He is so funny! Tomorrow after MLC we are going to the temple with Him, M---, and our Ward mission Leader Cayson Renshaw (Courtney Browns cousin).I seriously love the YSA ward! It is just basically a group of homies all hanging out doing missionary work! I love working with all of them, the all have a really strong desire to help with us or give someone to us to teach! Really an amazing ward! Our apartment is like 2 minutes away from the chapel! So it is nice to be really close!
We weren't affected by the fires but we definitely saw them! They were really close to a few of our members homes. We didn't feel the earthquake, so it must've not been very big. No one has talked about it, like they did with the one in NAPA. I have been reading the B.O.M., and then I end up getting transferred and then I start over ... and so I read it like that, and also I find topics. But I have been marking a lot of scriptures and studying them to get more out of it now. I think probably a month to get through it again. We haven't had anyone get through the whole thing, while investigating. So that has been a factor, which is really nice, because they don't need to have the whole pie to know it's good. Right? They just need to read a part pray to know it's true and then get baptized. Then read the rest. That sounds weird but true.
There for sure have been missionaries from Utah, but I don't know any of them...I have lost hope in people being called to my mission! I knew gramz was serving with some sisters! That is crazy!! Small world...

But I went through the temple today!!! AHH man it was awesome! I love going through there. I wish we could go more, because it is nice to hear about all the covenants you are making and it's a good reminder. Cuz, sometimes I am too scared to sacrifice things to help the Lord. It was kind of a slap in the face today, because there are a lot of little things that I am still holding on to that I need to let go to build up Zion. So I was glad to get that reminder and focus on the things I need to give up!
Well I hope this is a good email for you! I left my cord back home...I had temple pics. Whoops. But I LOVE EACH OF YOU!

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 20 & 27 LOVE IT

 July 27th


This week was super crazy! We had to do a ton of stuff. It was one of those weeks where I felt like I didn't do anything, but then looking back at it. We did a TON of stuff!!! I am hecka exhasuted from this whole week!! 

So first off E. O is awesome! Still a really solid guy, just like in the MTC! Super fun and super cool! Plus he has a cool eskimo shoes, but that's for another time. he also has a realyl strong desire to help the zone! Which is always a plus!

So on Tuesday we had a lot of report stuff to do...But we also had our interviews with President Frandsen! I was the very first person he ever interviewed in the mission EVER!!! He was sooooo great!  He is a really cool guy, kind of business like, but very determined. He has some really awesome ideas for the mission and I feel like he knows exactly what he is doing! Sis. Frandsen is so nice and is very open and just really funny! She made us cookies and was really fun to talk to..
Also, after interviews we had a lesson with one of our investigators named C----! He has been going to church for like 9 years in the Brentwood 2nd ward, but for some reason he was never baptized. So we started teaching him! He committed to be baptized on the 16th! He is super solid! Everyone we talked to about him was shocked that he wasn't a member! So it's crazy how people just assume things and allow them to slip through the cracks! After that we had to do our stake reports because that night we were going to meet with the Stake President, the high councilman over missionary work, and also President Frandsen. So we had to make sure the stake reports were on POINT! The meeting ended up going well and a lot of assignments were made so we are excited about that :)

Wednesday we had our Zone Leadership Council, it's kinda like a ward council for missionaries. We talke about the needs of the zone and what not. It was productive! Then we had Zone Training Meeting where the entire zone comes and we get to train them! It was fun, but it also took a lot of time to do all of those meetings!!! Crazy how many reports and trainings and things we have to do. It is tough work but I am thankful for the practice! Then we taught a member named C----! She is planning on getting her patriarchal blessing soon! So we talked a lot about it to her! She is extremely excited about it all! We also taught N----! She is still on date for the 16th as well! She was in Tijuana over the weekend and stuff but she is home now! Her mom is wanting her to push back her date, cuz the mom is nervous about Mormons. But N---, as she was telling us the story, bore testimony to her mom about how she knew this was the church she loved, and that it was the true church. It was an awesome experience!!!

Thursday was a long day...We went to Hayward, but since we were kinda by Oakland, we text the zone to send us list of supplies they need so we can bring it back. Well we get done with the errands, we stop by the Ormsby's in San Lorenzo cuz we were passing by, THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I love that family! Their son was back from his mission, so I finally got to meet him! They are all doing well :). But anyway, we go to Oakland pick up all this stuff for people in the Zone, and right when we get into Pittsburg, which is 30 minutes from Oakland, we get a text from the office telling us we forgot something really important.....So we had to go back. Well 1 hour later, we end up drivign like 200 miles that day, barely any proselyting got done. And we were both distraught!

Friday we taught N---, she just rails us with all these questions that don't even apply. Like in Alma 32 talking about the seed she took it waaay out of text...Then we had weekly planning. We also taught C--- again, again he is super super solid! He has invited like literally 3 wards across the mission to his baptism! 

Saturday basically we did all this service! There was a stake picnic for Pioneer day and we helped set that up and we actually attended and helped with pick up and did a little singin thing and it was just a party!!!  We got to meet a lot of new people, and it was just bumpin'!!! The pics of that party are on another elders camera...but I will get them some time next week! 

The future is still kinda far, but don't worry I am considering a lot of things don't worry. I am getting better at running and working out. Obviously more progress is needed but I am doing well with getting better habits.
I am glad Samantha's Boyfriend is awesome! It's weird not really knowing this guy....but I'll trust y'all!! Sounds like a good guy :)

Also, I did talk to you about the Watches and the birthday box. I sent like a big email about that. So I don't know if you read it or not. I specifically remember being proud of myself for thanking you for them...

Love you family!!!
-Elder Meier

Well Here are some pictures!!!

The Zone!

July  20th:

July 13 Good News & My Testimony

July 6 Audio not transcribed yet.. Coming Soon

So much happened in JUNE, Goodbyes, One year Mark {June 18th} and HBD Elder Meier! {June 26th}

June 29th:


Well, to start up this bad boy! I got past my birthday! WOOT WOOT! I am now 1/3 away from 60!!! Super exciting right! I did my birthday door and everything! Some of the members threw a little fiesta for me :) so I feel really blessed to have such homies all around meh. I think some people sent some pictures to you about some burfday stuff. To celebrate we just had cake and ice cream and lots of sugary food which is torturous, because I am pretty sure I have gained like 10 pounds in like 5 days. NO bueno. so I gotta start eating healthy again! 

Thank you for the packages! Super awesome! They made me feel cool and loved :) Elder S was jealous! But then he realized how fat I was getting so I guess he ended up winning that one ;) 

This week was pretty friggin DOPE! We found 2 new investigators!! The first one her name is A--, she was a referral from the Sister Training Leaders! We taught her the Restoration, it was awkward though, because she had just come back from a water park, so she was basically in a bikini. Lucky she covered up a little, but we just had to maintain eye contact with her so we didn't look weird. haha! She is super solid super fun! We also found someone named N----! She was also a referral, but they were from the Walnut Creek Zone Leaders. She is super cool! Super prepared! We taught her twice last week! We introduced the BOM to her she was all over it! Super excited about all of it, then we taught her the next day, the restoration! Her family owns this restaurant that sells mexican desserts. They are straight from mexico....THE HAVE THE BEST HORCHATAS OF AMERICA! But yeah, pretty sure she will be getting baptized!! 

We also saw A--! We taught him yesterday! We took him to the visitor centers, and showed him some DOPE videos! I felt the spirit way strong, I think A-- did too! He is awesome, and is just taking everything a step at a time, as he should.. Such an awesome guy!  He was able to make some goals for himself, 1. he was gunna pray every morning and night. 2. He was gunna read the scriptures every day. 3. Go to A church! So we are excited for the decisions he is making! He will make the change, and I know he will. But over time! So that was really exciting! 

I went on exchanges with the AP's!!! I went to Oakland with Elder A!!! REUNITED!! AND I WAS JUST SO EXCITED!!! He is seriously the bomb! I really was happy to be able to work with him again! He is such an awesome missionary! We decided we are going to start a business in St. George! A philly cheesesteak shop! We taught a lot of fun people and had some good times! We also had a some lumpia! It was awesome! I love eating all this awesome food! Ugh IDK I just love Elder A! He is such a homie! can't wait to see him when I get home so we can kick it!

Funny story! There was a shooting at one of our chapels yesterday!!! haha! Some people from the area got into a scuffle. Someone pulled out a gun and yeah. Now there is 2 people in the hospital. But that's just a day in the life of a missionary in the Oakland/ San Francisco mission. 

We also have a new mission president! He came in today! President Frandsen is the new guy up in here! It is all very exciting stuff!! So that is pretty crazy! President Meredith is gonezo! Super crazy! 

Well, that's pretty much the week! haha! It was a good time! Right now we are emailing and We are talking about some deep doctrine stuff! CRAZY STUFF! hahha! 

Here are some pictures! 

AP's apartment!

Oakland dreamin'
Wildfire that burned this hill
Birthday Door!!!
Exchanges with Elder Atkinson
Too much friggin cake!!!
So these pictures are from MLC, so these are all the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and then the AP's and President and Sister Meredith!!! S'cute!! Dad notice Elder Sesi Salt in the back ground I played rugby with him he is in the back row 2nd one in from the right.

June 22nd:
Well I think it's fair to say that this last year has gone by waaayyy toooo fast! Holy Moly! It feels just like yesterday I ​was getting dropped off at the MTC, and almost leaving my wallet in the car!!!! Super weird to think that I have been living on my own (kinda) for a year now. It's really easy and I like it :) But I don't know really how it will be in the real world! Hopefully it's kinda the same. Anyway...

This week we had Zone Conference, there were 3 zones that were apart of it. The Walnut Creek zone, The Concord Zone, and the Antioch Zone! It was a pretty big group! We got trained on how to eat healthy and how to plan effectively and all that by the AP's and the nurses. Sis. Meredith talked a lot about Charity and how it's one of the most important things we can have on our missions and in our life, that took like 2 hours. So then we had lunch and chatted, normal missionary stuff, the "good to see you's" and "how are you doings" Then we went and did the training block! It was super scary! So there are 3 groups and 3 ZL's that do 3 different training. So Elder S and I talked about revelation through church attendance and how it's important for our investigators to understand why we need to be going to church. It went really well, the first one was kinda rocky but the last 2 were good because obviously I was used to it! So yeah! Loved it! After that training block which took like 2 hours. We went into this big room and Pres. Meredith basically said his Good-Bye speech. Which kinda felt awful. Everyone was like crying and it was sad... Anyway, then sis. Meredith spoke and said good-bye. Then they did a little slide show about Pres. Frandsen. He seems very cool. We are excited to meet him.

Then on Wednesday, we did our Zone Leadership Council....that council our District Leaders and Sister Training Leaders show up and we all discuss what we can do to help our zone and the various districts ....It so it was pretty normal. We just trained them and talked about how to account a little better so we can go to bed earlier on Sundays! Because we had been going to bed way too late on Sundays! Seriously! It was hard. Anyway! It was a good time to get some refreshers ! 

We are struggling with getting our investigators to meet with us. Kinda bugged about it. I hate peoples agency sometimes and I wish I could take it away. But I can't so I just have to keep working to try and get them to meet with us! It is really testing my patience right now! But that is how I am growing... And I feel it, but I also feel like I understand.

We went on exchanges with the Oakley Elders and the Antioch 1st Elders last week! It was good! I went with Elder A to his area! We did a lot of service! A cool miracle was we found Hillcrest 1's investigator that went "missing" to the elders! She ended up being homeless, so that's why they could never meet with her! haha! But they are meeting again! That was really cool! Elder A is a really good missionary and he was always testifying about EVERYTHING! I thought it wassoooo cool! And it was really powerful whenever he did it so I am trying to apply that! Then when I went on exchanges with Elder L in his area, we saw a ton of crazy things and people! Like we went to this one potentials house and she said she saw Jesus holding her and her dog in some rocks over her fire place......She was trying to show it to us and I had no idea what she was trying to point out! It was hilarious, it looked like a ton of rocks to me! hahahahah! But we just shook our heads and said "wow, that's really cool" Then we left. ASAP cuz she was crazy! 

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!! I hope you got my picture! The bishop sent it! so yeah! 

Also, the sweats are new! I got them at target! I am going to try to buy new shirts today cuz they are all really nasty.....
 Love you all!!!! 
Elder Meier!

June 15th:

June 8th:

June 1st :