Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sudden Changes and My New Ward


So ​this week was pretty good. I heard about what happened on 9/11 in arizona....BUt what are the details. Elder **** is from AZ so he is kinda nervous about it. Also, I am looking hecka fly right now, since Elder Johnson just cut my hair! Woot woot!

We had Zone Conference this week. It was fantastic! Pres. Frandsen gave a great message on the Holy Ghost. I felt like I was in general conference. He talked about how to feel the Spirit, we need to be worthy but also compatible and available to the Spirit. It was a fantastic message. He talked about how we need to be compatible. That was like the part that resonated more with me. That we can still be worthy, but we need to be open to it. He used the new music rule as an example. We were not listening to anything unworthy, we could just be listening to things that would be more compatible. It made the rule click with me. I haven't been violently opposed to it or disobedient, but it was nice to finally get the "why" of the change.  
 I feel like I received a lot of revelation for what I can do to help our investigators. I came with one of our investigators, named M****l, in my mind so I could hopefully receive some guidance as to what I need to do to help him. I really liked the teaching with the Spirit practice with the Highland YSA sisters. During the practice I was really focusing on what the spirit was prompting me to do. I realized I hadn't been relying as much on the spirit in lessons. So because of that I set a goal for myself of consistently praying for guidance during lessons. I am happy to report that when we taught M***** there was a HUGE change after the lesson. He understood why he needed to be baptized and he said he is close to finally choosing a day to be baptized! It was a huge step for him and we are really excited about that.

We committed someone for baptism last week as well! She is like 22 with a child, and she is dating a great guy who is a member already, but they need to get things straightened out with their situation before we can proceed. I am sure But the b they will do what they need to do!! Anyway, he is 19  and he is super fun! He is always saying things like "THATS HOT FIRRREEE!" "THAT FIRES HOT!" like randomly while we are teaching. So only in union city would that happen but its awesome..

The ward is doing really well, we have some potentials that should be becoming investigators this week! The ward is willing to help us go on splits and also find new investigators for us! I really love it here. The Bishop is an awesome example of faith and works. He really has an emphasis on missionary work and the ward catches on to it as well! 

I went on exchanges with Elder A again. He is of course awesome! He wants to know if you all wanted to go to his homecoming!  I said y'all probably would! 

I got the box of training gear and white shirts! THey are all perfect! Thank you so much! I am using them so don't worry! I am getting fit so I am really excited for that! Thank you for all that you are doing.

Love you all! 
Elder Meier

September 7th

So it's been a crazy week!

I got Emergency transferred to the Hayward Zone! Nothing I did wrong so don't worry! But it was my choice. Its a long story...So I talked to the AP's and President about it. I told them that it would be best if I would get ET'd so I did. I am in Hayward still the Zone Leader and everything so yeah.

Well my new companion is Elder J from Gilbert Arizona! He is hecka funny! Also, a really good missionary, he also is all into eating healthier and stuff. We also work out every morning so it's a blessing that he is here with me.

In other news....today while I was backing up I accidentally hit a pole....So that sucks. First time out here, I thought I was doing so well. But It was pretty bad scrape. I feel so stupid! haha! Well to recap the key points of the week.
We had MLC again and it was a pretty good time, the night before I was packing for the ET. I was up until like 1 in the morning packing because we didn't get home until like 9 and I wanted to wash all of my stuff before I packed it all in. At MLC we talked about the upcoming events such as Zone conference! It was fun seeing Elder  A  and Elder B,  being AP's together! They are all super awesome together. 

Then we had the ET up at the mission home right after MLC. It was really on the down low because it wasn't that big of a dealio. But then after the ET we taught a Book of Mormon class and I got to meet a few of the members, they are actually pretty cool! The ward is really missionary minded and are super good. All the missionaries in the mission say this ward is one of the best. I believe it, the Bishop is probably one of the most faithful guys I have ever met. You just kinda look at him and you just think dang. The spirit is strong with that one. I also ended up going on exchanges with Elder Y! One of my companions from the MTC! he is doing great and a really awesome missionary!

 We talked with a lot of people on the street! One was actually really cool.......So we were walking down this road and we notice this African American Young adult and child sitting in the driveway of an apartment complex. So we obviously went and talked to her. Her little daughter who was like 3 or 4 runs up to me and just randomly hugs me....which was cute but against the rules. Anyway, we try talking to her and she says "no. Go away. I don't wanna her 'bout your Jesus" so we asked why not and she said "I listen to people that are actually preachers." she was super sassy the whole time BTW, so I sassed back (kinda) and said "turns out we are preachers"! I showed her the card that proves we are preachers and she kinda fell silent.Then her mom came out and tried to bash us...but she had no bible knowledge at all, E. Young and I just testified to her (the mom) about the truthfulness of the Restoration of the Gospel, the spirit was really strong, and the mom had nothing to say so she went back inside. 

But after that, the daughter totally opened up to us and wanted all of our information and was going to go to church and everything. It was a really cool change that we experienced. After exchanges Elder J and I went and had a good day and at the end of the day we went and OYM'd (open your mouth = talk to as many people as we can) some more we had one conversation just last night at around 830. 

We were walking  and an Indian lady came out and greeted us kindly. We started talking to her then her husband came out. Then a few minutes later another lady came out. We pulled out a Book of Mormon and preached away. We felt like we were on a soap box crying repentance. Pretty sweet. But they just said that they have many books and that their ways are higher than books. We don't need books to know God. So they wouldn't take the book. They all were jabbing at us and we were just standing there holding the book.

 A couple of sentences later, one of the Ladies said something and then I felt like I had a chance, and I slipped the book in her hand and she accepted it. I tell ya....They were  hard to work with! But they are so loving and kind! Awesome people. Just not too willing to try new things. Understandable. It was just a really cool experience being apart of both of those. I felt so good afterwards and I knew that we were doing the right thing, even though people say we are wrong I know we aren't and I actually feel confident in telling people that we are right!

How was the week for all of you??
Love you all!!!!!
God Bless,
Elder Meier

on excahnges with e. young last week
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