Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Thursday, January 22, 2015

November 2nd ( out of order) Simple Sunday~ Audio

This is a transcription of an Audio

"Hey.....Today is Sunday November 2nd, so church today was a good old time, we got a new bishopric Bishop H has done his 5 years and he is out, our Bishop is now Bishop B, I don’t really know him but I am sure I will get to know him soon. Transfer doctrine, Elder F and I are staying in San Ramon! We are super excited! Also Elder H is staying but Elder B is leaving.  So we are sad.  Church was normal; we had really good testimonies at the meeting today.  Something that is kind of funny to us, only because it seems odd, is how the music is in the meetings. When we sing they choose the songs that literally no one knows, so basically the sacrament hymns are just a piano solo. At least we hum along, ha-ha.  We don’t really know what to do about that, because we don’t really have a lot of say.    Our dinner cancelled, and then we came and made spaghetti – but then neither one of us actually ended up liking what we made. So it kind of sucked. Then a guy called us and he does a lot of deer hunting so, had extra deer meat. We got a package of deer jalapeno jerky, deer salami and deer sausage. So that’s pretty cool, we will be eating deer for a couple of days, pretty exotic. Then we went and visited the H family, the released bishop, since Elder F was close to them, he wanted to say goodbye, and say good job and talk to him because he was his favorite bishop. They are a nice family. We had a good time, they are really fun! A lot of laughs, we talked a lot about their son who is in France on his mission.  Well that was really our day, it was a nice Sunday."

November 11th ~ 2014 Temple

November 11th ~ 2014
Casa de Meier~ transcribed from AUDIO
"Hello Everyone today is Tuesday November 11th, and today's scripture of the day for me was,  in second Nephi  31;  20 "Wherefore ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope and a love of God and all  of men.”  It's  a good one; a classic.  I use it all the  time out here in the mission field! Well, um anyway today was really just again a non-eventful …nothing that was very funny or of noteworthiness, for its humor or miracles. Butt we had some pretty  cool meetings. Important meetings, I guess you can say, the first one was our district meeting. However,  Elders F  and I  we were only there for about 30 minutes. However, we had to go to another more important meeting that was scheduled for us and his meeting with the Pres. M who had to interview me… because I missed the last transfer interviews. But because  I got transferred as an emergency transfer, it was  after the Walnut Creeks interviews… But before the San Leandro zone interviews.  So I missed them both  and they had to schedule one  for me. So yea it was good and it fell on today..It was nothing to be worried about .. He was just like really checking in with me on how things are going? Or I any questions about how it was going forward, and if I had any questions. He is a really good guy, I really like him. He is really just a nice loving guy  and he seems kind of like one of us! Well not  like t a teenager, but he doesn’t seem like an old mission president that was in the  army, or whatever so he's a really nice guy  I love him, he is just really cool, down-to-earth guy . He really understands the missionary aged young people!! So then  after that we just tried to stop by a whole bunch of  less actives in our area  and part member families,  but none of them were home.. so we were kind of bugged about that.. but we just kept knocking on empty houses, that no one is answering. It t was,  really tedious and really disheartening, I guess you could say is the word.  So we just  kinda like go and knock; no one  answers the door, and so we go to the next one;  and no one answers the door, and then you go to the next one,;and no one answers the door…And then we go to the next one;  and no answer the door .. so  by the time you get to all these doors,  your asking yourself,”  like why do I keep going to these doors?” Then you motivate yourself and say “I know why we keep going to these doors!!  because they need the Gospel !! They need to be going to church! “So it’s kind of an emotional roller coaster out here!!

The good news is   tomorrow we get to go to the temple which is awesome!  I love going to the temple, it’s something I always look forward to. We go every quarter so about every three months, yeah sounds about right. It's good, I'm going to really try to see what's expected of me and what more I need to do , and how I can become better and learn more about how I can reach my full potential… That’s  really what I want to focus on, um  while I’m in the temple. It’s a good time to reflect and learn; and see how I can grow closer to my Heavenly  Father and to do his will, and to align my will with his.. so it will be nice to just go and feel the spirit there.  Let's see, Elder F. and I are just trying to find some new people to teach and we are just excited about being able to stay together for another transfer.  We are working well together .. About the audios ….sorry I didn’t get one yesterday!  I ended up leaving the recorder in the car  because I was gonna send you guys his recordings yesterday, but then I ran out of time and they were taking a lot of time uploading on the computer, so I'm doing it tomorrow so.. I hope you all are doing well .. I'm doing fantastic and I got a haircut yesterday so pretty sure I look super cool.  I look like a missionary. Ok,  so we  wrote in another park today with our chalk. We don’t know if its considered graffiti or not  but  we don't really care cuz people need the gospel. So that’s our reasoning behind it and if I'm randomly in jail, or if I need $500 dollars, you will know why… Yep, that’s my life, our life. Elder F. and I...cuz we are a companionship…. Ok …well, that’s all for my audio journal for today... Love you guys!~ Elder Meier “coming home the summer of 2016!”

brotherly letters

 NOV 3rd
Dear QUINNY!! 
That's fun I hope you are making good choices at the parties and stuff. I hadn't always been the best example for you. But what was fun about monster mash?? Do you think you will be pretty good this year or nah?? That's awesome about the duck hunting!!! Even better that you are doing well in school!!!! KEEP IT UP!!! I hope you are enjoying yourself and listening to Mom and Dad. If there is one thing that I have learned on my mission, it's that being obedient is the best thing you could ever do! We have a saying out here in the mission field...."Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles." That doesn't just apply to the Lords commandments, it also applies to the rules Mom and Dad have set for us. I wasn't always obedient, but I wish I was. It makes your life a lot better. I promise it does. 
But I am doing really well! I love the area where I am and I love the companion I am with!! San Ramon is a pretty affluent area. So there isn't a lot of dangerous stuff or gangsters at all. ~Elder Meier

On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 11:33 AM, Casa de Meier
Dear Elder Meier, hey C, whats up?! um nothing has really happened, at least nothing interesting, just Halloween and stuff, parties, um yea and Monster Mash which was way fun. Rugby is starting up kind of, we have just been playing touch and we have our first rugby meeting on the 7th so we will see who shows up. And fundraising. So yea we have been duck hunting twice and so far I have 3 ducks, and dad has 1. Its awesome. It hasn't snowed yet here but it probably will, I kind of want to go skiing this year to because I love it and all my friends are skiing , but at the same time I would have to get all new stuff and there is no snow, so its a dilemna. Haha.. Not really but nobody hunts so yea. Um I did get  a 3.9 GPA last term so that's good and its exciting, yea that's pretty much all!! How are you doing? is it scary? Are there gangsters or anything? Luv you, miss ya, and stay safe.! Love Quinn

Boo! ( October 31 st - 2014) Audio

OCTOBER 31 - 2014

 Friday October 31st Halloween." Hey family I think I just decided to do these audio journals because I suck at writing and my hand cramps up, and I am a lot better at talking than writing and I feel like I can be more detailed.  So today, its Halloween woot woot!  Well, it was raining today and we didn’t have the car. My bike tire is flat,  so we had to walk in the rain for two hours to get a repair thingy for my tire. While we were there we bought this  voice recorder.so I had heard about this from some of the other elders so I am going to try it out. Anyway it kind of sucked because it was rainy but luckily I had my new rain jacket, I had just purchased it so the timing was perfect. I got all your packages, Elder H, and Elder B dropped them off. Thank you so for the pocket editions of the scriptures,I have already  put those to good use. I am also grateful for the camera. Thank you so much! I took pictures of Halloween.. tonight. And also for the handbook, are you dropping a hint??!! Jk, it was good to have another one, thank you!  we did get one when we went into the MTC… But now I have two so thanks. So after all that, after we opened the packages and then we stayed and worked on a plan on how to use the members until about 5. Then we went to the R Family, where we ate footlong hot dogs wrapped in bread  and they were supposed to be like Halloween mummies they were actually really cool. And we also had pomegranates. Then we did  our happy haunted house Halloween cleaning, deep cleaning. And it was not happy! I hated it and it sucked, I cleaned the bathroom by myself. Elder F did everything else, well not everything else, well most of it… he rearranged the whole apartment and that was his choice, I didn’t really want to but I let him do it and he was just going to do it himself so it wasn't that bad. I did help him, though and it wasn't that bad.. It was good. Nothing else really happened… I miss you guys.. And right now we are tired. We had two exchanges in a row.. and that made us tired. A good tired. But we have some stuff to do, and so I am signing off. Pray for us! Elder Meier out"  Transcribed from Audio}