Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Hey everybody!

 Actually, I have been trying very hard to focus on the spirit this week. Literally just pausing and trying to listen, like Samuel, in Sam. 3:10. and seriously it works wonders! For example... We put a 3 + year investigator on date and Elder Lui did it! Seriously it was awesome! We were so stoked! We had been praying so hard for R** to be on date and now she is committed! We have been trying to plan effectively but also generally so that we could be the tools of the Spirit, and that lesson truly was a testimony for me. We had a good lesson plan, and we stuck to it …kinda. But we went in to the lesson with the determination to listen to the spirit and say what it wants us to say. So we did! The lesson went 1,000,000 times better than we thought (obvi) seriously. It was sooo sick everything is much easier  if we just listen to the Spirit and teach to needs rather than the needs of the teaching record. But now the trick is getting her to church 😬 Sorry if that didn't make any sense, but it made sense to me.

 Love you all! - Elder Meier

Line Upon Line, Precept Upon Precept

FEB. 1st 2016


But  anyway, Mom how was the talk? I hope it went great, sorry I  didn't really provide very much information haha! How were the other talks? It's crazy to think that I have  friends literally all over the world right now! Sharing the  Gospel and stuff. Truly a miracle!  I just  want you all to know that for the last 20 minutes, I have  been sitting here trying to figure out what I should write  for my second paragraph of this email. So I concluded that I  would just write what I am doing right now! I am looking up  cool documents on LDS.org about Church Doctrine and also  about deeper stuff :D haha. I have totally become super  interested in the Doctrines of the Church, there is sooo . much we as church members don't even know about and  almost all of it is on LDS.org! Yup, it turns out they used  to put a ton of crazy cool stuff in the ensigns back in the  the 60's-80's I think the members of the church were  more ready for things than we are now, IDK. But sometimes  it's weird that they even published them cuz they are  pretty nuts!  I  didn't get pictures of Pacifica, but I have videos of  it...but since I can't send them since they are too big  I will just have to hold on to them! Oh speaking of videos!  Did you ever find the Wisdom teeth ones?  The  Missionary Broadcast was good! It was about teaching  repentance and baptizing converts with the spirit. It just talked a lot  about getting back to the basics of missionary work and  stuff like that. Very insightful and it really helped me  evaluate what parts of missionary work I was making too  complicated. So I think it was much needed!  Hey so  some updates on our investigators!Pa**e: We saw him on Wednesday... #progress! We actually were able to have a spiritual discussion! IT was awesome!  We talked a lot about the sacrament and why it was important, then more about Jesus Christ and his  atonement. He was confused as to why Christ suffered for our  sins, he couldn't quite grasp the concept of "He  loves us that much, so He did it." But in the end he  figured it out and he prayed at the end which was great as  well!  K***,  P***, and ***: Elder Lui taught about the Plan of  Salvation, ....they had some ideas about the Garden of Eden, Paradise, and stuff  like that, so we are going to probably go over that again. But they were good questions and  they committed to pray and read the Book of Mormon to know if it is true! R**: She is still investigating,  4 years and counting now! Elder Lui was on exchanges with  Elder A  when they taught her, but I guess her  concern is still Joseph Smith and Prophets, which in turn  means the Book of Mormon. So we are starting all over again with her to help her with the history. But she still has that desire to be  baptized, but I guess there are still questions that  haven't been answered in like 4 years.  Im up to the challenge though. In other  news! K*** F** said the prayer yesterday at church! I  was super stoked about that! THey are just coming to church  and doing everything just fantastico! But everytime they  have come the Temple Prep teacher hasn't been there! so they think "it's a sign" UGH!!!! But they are  still cool and are still planning on showing up, I am pretty  sure they were  joking with us...hopefully :D
 Alright  well I love you all!!!
 Love,Elder Meier

 PS Elder Lui and I are jokesters...
.we take pictures together.