Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Yawk

Dearest Family and Friends,

I'm writing this epistle from the great land of Antioch! Or less formally known as The Yawk. Pretty gangsta right? I think it is pretty funny, especially if you say like you are Lil John! HAHA! Anyway, this week was pretty stressful. Like so stressful for me I started breaking out! But no worries everyone I got all under control (the acne) :) JK anyway seriously a lot of things happened!
To start off....About my area, So we cover the entire stake. Which includes like 5 or 6 cities Antioch, Pittsburg, Oakley, Brentwood, Byron, and Bay Point. Huge area! So it's awesome getting to drive around every where! I would also like to add that we drive a truck, which is a 2015 Nissan Frontier! We get the truck because we are so far away from the mission home that we don't go up there very much so we have a ton of stuff for the missionaries in our zone!
It's really stressful being a ZL (in a good way). Last night we stayed up late doing weekly reports for our zone, then we had to account to the AP's about the work in our zone too! So it's just a lot of accounting. We also go on exchanges with the AP's every transfer. Tonight we get to go on exchanges with them. So I am friggin excited!
Well, let's see what happened this week.......umm.
Tuesday: Transfer day! I got up to the mission home at like 9 and that was when Elder H and I split up with our new comps. Me and Elder B had to stay until 11 to make sure all of our companionship's in the zone left. So that sucked, having to tell people to leave. After that we taught a potential investigator named N**! She was super prepared so she became a new 'gator'! Totally open to what we were saying and she wanted to learn more! After that we had District Meeting.  Then Elder B and I had to go to the Stake Coordination meeting, HOLY CRAP it's the scariest thing ever (again in a good way)!!! We sit down with the Stake President, Mission President, High Councilor over missionary work, and like the Stake Secretary! We missionaries report to them about how the Zone is doing, and what the stake can do to help. It's scary in the moment, but when you walk out with all the important people you feel like a BOSS! (in a productive sorta way!!!)
Wednesday: We did service for like 3 hours! We go to a cemetery and weed whack all of the grass around the headstones! It was fun to be able to use all the heavy equipment and what not!  Then we taught some people! Good times! haha!

Thursday: teaching people!
Friday: planning!
Saturday: finding!
Sunday: gave a talk!
Now I am here!
I will have more to report next week as I get to know the area and get a hang of this ZL stuff!
~Elder Meier

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rebuilding Together Oakland & Helping Hands

Date: Monday, April 20, 2015, 1:26 PM

This week is crazy! It had it highs and lows and pretty much bounced all over the place. I have a lot to write about, but there is only a little time. We have a ton of stuff to do today, so forgive me for the grammar and spelling, it should be worse than usual, because I am going fast.

First off, we got our Transfer notifications!This was a massive transfer. We are losing a ton of missionaries and not getting enough replacements. So our zone got rattled quite a bit. We are merging Zones with another Stake and most of the companionship's are being shifted.

I am moving to Antioch YSA ward, and I will be the new Zone Leader there. I honestly have no idea why, but whatever! I just got keep being a solid missionary and the rest will fall into place right? My companion will be Elder B****e-Y**! He is a really close missionary friend of mine so I am super stoked! Elder H is staying, and his new companion will be Elder F!!! My old companion! haha small world!

We had this cool service project on Saturday. This organization called Rebuilding Together Oakland combined with the "mormon helping hands" to do a service project for the Oakland parks/forestry thing in the hills behind the temple. We got invited to go. It was awesome! Our group went up into the hills where the forestry guys had marked out a new trail that they wanted to build. So they gave us tools and we hacked away!

We are trying to get our investigators to keep progressing. It is hard sometimes. Some get baptized and others take a while to get going. We are trying to help them understand why we do this. Most of the time it comes down to they need to start being serious about the covenants they are going to be making. Time and time again, that is what we focus our teaching on.

But it was also a hard week. The last week of the transfer is always a little lower. I tried to do my best to stay motivated and put out everyday. We got a lot of no's. We got rejected and cancelled on a lot. Never fun but oh well. We had some interesting no's. I am finding out there are a lot of creative ways to reject someone.

And this is a bit more serious but figured I should let you know. There is this little dive bar right in the upper middle of our area. It is in this shopping center and then it is neighborhoods. The O****y family lives close to it and we were over there in the evening coordinating some of our missionary efforts. Anyway, we stayed a bit and talked with them and then there son drove us home. We drove right past this bar and there were cops everywhere. Police tape up, lights ablaze, officers everywhere. We had to take a different street home. Gave us a bad feeling. We found out later that there was a stabbing there. I guess 3 people got injured pretty bad, but no deaths that we know of! I guess it was related to the H***s A*** gang. We literally were like a 100 yards away!!

Anyway, just to answer a few questions you may have... Antioch is the biggest zone in the mission now. It has about 26 missionaries. It covers 5 different ward buildings but like 12 wards. So it is huge! I am seriously so nervous!!!! ARgh!!! But yes it is Elder A's old area!!! So that is pretty cool! I also get to drive a truck!!!

Love you all!!!!
-Elder Meier


Great Week in the O town


Well, this week was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I can't even begin to describe how incredibly amazing this week was. There was so much that was good and fun and right in the world. A real change of pace from the downer week last week.

So I'll start with the best: E***got Baptized!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a miracle. She is awesome. It was an amazing experience. We've taught her from the beginning. We went to was at the J****'s home and that is where we first met E*** (the J***'s are awesome people. they are a testimony that member missionary work is the best thing ever!!!! seriously, finding through members is the best.). From there, she came to watch "Meet the Mormons" with us twice, once by herself and then with her family. And then we started teaching her. She accepted the baptismal invitation on the first lesson and everything else just snowballed! She readily accepted the Book of Mormon, prayed about it, and sought out as much gospel knowledge as she could. She rocks. She has an amazing Spirit and a deep desire to do what is right. I am so blessed to have been lucky enough to have been here for it. They talk about in the Scriptures how the Lord prepares His children for His word. I know E*** is one of those people. 

I am glad everyone is doing well! Seriously sounds like life is going fantastic for everyone!!! But, transfers are next tuesday :( Chances are me and Elder H will get split up. BOOOO!!! But since we have been together for so long its probably time. But it happens. I am praying that we don't get split up though. It's been a very good time with him. Our Zone is TINY!!! We only have 2 districts in our zone due to emergency transfers so yeah. But we are probably going to get absorbed by the East Oakland zone! which are mostly Poly!
The leadership stuff is stressful! I have to call all of the companionship's in my district Sunday and Thursday night to see how they are doing. Then I have to call the Zone leaders on Sunday night to account to them on the district and everything. So usually on Sunday nights I don't get to bed until 11, which is tough. Then on Tuesday mornings I do a conference call with the other district leader and the zone leaders to do more accounting! HAHA! It is scary and hard and stressful!!! 

OH MY GOSH!! I gave my first baptismal interview on Thursday! It was probably the scariest thing I have done on my mission so far! It's super stressful because I have to make sure the people are worthy and prepared for baptism! aaahhh!!! It was so hard! 

Life is good! Living the life out here! Serving the Lord! Living in the hood ;) 

Love you all!! 
-Elder Meier


April 6 ...Rough but back on Track

Well,this last week was rough. We got going so good two weeks ago and then it kinda collapsed. For various reasons we didn't see or do a ton of stuff with our investigators. :( Part of it was our problem. I got really sick. We had to call the nurse and she grounded us for two days. So yeah, we just slept, rested, read, and played games. Honestly, being sick on the mission sucks.  And then the rest of the week was rough. Our lessons cancelled on us. We were only able to teach one lesson, the rest fell though. So that is always a disappointing feeling. We try our best but it just didn't happen. We did try and we did our best, it just wasn't what we would have really liked to see. But oh well. Life moves on and forward. We are focusing on making this week better.

But there were some brighter spots. Like E**! She is still super solid and ready for Baptism. We are down to the last week before. So we are trying to get everything ready for her. It is a little stressful but it is so worth it to see her prepared and wanting to be baptized. She is awesome. We taught her Tithing and Fasting and showed her how to donate offerings. She was super receptive and even asked if she could have the offering slip so she could pay that Sunday after baptism. What?!?!?! Who asks for that? Crazy to see how the Lord will prepare His people. It is such a choice blessing to be able to work with her. I love to be able to witness the change the gospel. She really want this for herself and is doing all she can to grow closer to the Gospel. Seriously, awesome. I can't remember if I wrote this last week but when we taught her the Word of Wisdom she said that she drinks coffee but "If that is what Jesus wants me to give up, I can do it. He has done so much for me and that will be easy." and she has! Cold turkey. He older daughter tries to "tempt" :) her into having some, but she said no! Awesome that she is that strong and know that this is truth. Hopefully, all goes well and she can get baptized this Saturday, the 11th! Wahooo!!! That will be super awesome. Your prayers that this can all go well and according to planned would be appreciated.   

And General Conference was awesome. Really good talks, I thought. Seems like the Church is circling the wagons a little and trying to fortify the members. Always a good reminder to never get comfortable. Be actively seeking the wonders of the Gospel. I really liked Elder Holland and Oaks and Bishop Causse. We were in charge of setting up the projector for the stake for the sessions. Thankfully everything went well. It was cool to do some of the behind the scenes tech work. The usual guy was out of town so he asked us to do it. And it was cool to have Conference on Easter. Holidays as a missionary are weird. There really isn't a ton of build up or anything, its almost just another day on the calendar. We did have a nice breakfast at the O*****'s, props to them for that! But it was nice to have those nice talks about the Atonement and Jesus Christ on Easter. It was a nice missionary celebration, of sorts. What a blessing it is to know that we do have the Atonement. It is very real and is there for you and me. I love being able to talk to people about Jesus. It is hard but worth it. People need to know that there is this greater plan and purpose, and something that can make us stronger and better. 

Some of the conversations we've had have been interesting. J**** (the homeless guy we prayed with) and Q****c (our crazy neighbor) have struck up a little friendship. And we know them both so we get to talk to them a lot. Talking with them really is interesting. Q always has funny things to say. He calls us Mormon gangstas and tells us to keep kickin' butt! He is kinda a conspiracy theory guy and always has something to tell us about politics and warfare. Reminds me of the good ol' days of my pre-mission existance, hahaha :) He is pretty far out though. But if talking to us helps them and lifts their spirits a little it is well worth it. That is something I have been trying to work on: being more Christ-like and reaching out to those He would. I try. 

This was the week I should've accounted for but was sick...last week was awesome! We were able to see a lot of good things happen. I'll start with E****, our awesome investigator. She is progressing along very nicely. We are able to teach her twice a week and she does all the assignments that we give her and she came to church! She said that she really loved it. It was kind of an Easter themed meeting, so there were some really great talks on Jesus Christ and the Atonement. She said that those really spoke to her and that she really felt Spiritual. She also wanted to see what a LDS baptismal service was like, so we took her to a baptism that some missionaries in our district had. She really loved it too. It is all coming together nicely, and hopefully she can be baptized on the 11th of April. She is super prepared. The Lord really does open the hearts of those who are ready. It is so neat to be an instrument in His hands to be able to work out here in San Lorenzo. I love it a lot!!! 

We have had some more difficult times with some of our other investigators. We are trying to help them see what the role of the Book of Mormon is. We are trying to help them feel the Spirit about it, and foster some desire to read it. That is really where the answer lies. We don't want them to take what we say at face value. We want them to read and know for themselves the truthfulness of this message. It is hard to gain that testimony of the Book of Mormon when you don't read it! So we keep trying and pray that they can feel the Spirit of the message, which will motivate them to do their part and read it!

Well there you go! Hope you all have a grrreat week! 
love you and miss you!!!
Elder Meier


Elder Pessimist


Hey everyone! This week was a slow one that's for sure! We just had a lot of meetings for learning and enlightenment! It was great and what I felt like I needed to hear! 

So a little clarification! I got my pants tailored because I was getting too tall, not fat. But that doesn't mean I am not gaining weight....so take that how you will! I am trying to lose but it's just hard with only 30 mins....

I am chugging along in the old testament! I just finished 1st Samuel! It was just a bunch of battles and people killing people. It was just cool to hear how they would interact with one another and how important it is to not kill one of the Lord's anointed. It is also really interesting to see, that even though David was totally loyal and very helpful to Saul. Saul would still try to kill David, and it shows how destructive pride really can be. 

The Week: 

Monday: So basically after every p-day this transfer something weird with homeless people happens! This time, while Elder H and I were walking home some guy yelled out the window, "*CUSS WORD* you Mormon scum!!!" Really loud. Did it hurt our feelings? No, no it did not! Wanna know why? Cause the Church is true! We actually felt bad for the guy. But anyway that isn't the story. So, right after that we continued walking along the road when some guy on a bike stops us and asks us to share him our message! This guy was obviously homeless and down on his luck. And at the time slightly unaccountable, but we tried to teach him something. He ended up wanting us to have a prayer with him and his "wife" so we could cast out some demons from her. So....in the middle of the sidewalk on a busy street we all held hands together and said a prayer! I'm sure it was the friggin weirdest sight to see! 2 homeless people and 2 missionaries! But it was a good time and I felt the spirit as we prayed. Haha! He told us he was on his mission too, but he was probably lying ;) 

Tuesday: Nothing really exciting happened. Just a bunch of no's! We found out one of our members is now catholic and stuff! So surprise!!!! He isn't mormon anymore! hahahahA! 

Wednesday: Today was Zone Conference, it is a big training meeting that goes from 9-4! It basically consists of 3 zones coming together to get trained on specific topics! It is seriously an amazing but really tiring thing! We get trained and then we practice, and then we get trained and then we practice! FOR LIKE 7 HOURS!!!! Then after that our whole day is shot! But I really like it because it helped me know what I can do to help some of our 'Gators progress! Cause we were kinda at a stand still with some of them! So it was truly inspired of the Lord! Oh also! I was used in one of the Senior Missionaries training! So she talked about how we need to talk back (talk positive) to negative thoughts! So she called the AP's and asked for an elder that wouldn't get offended if she had them be Elder Pessimist, and they said I would be good! So basically She called me and a sister up onto the stand, she gave me the "Elder Pessimist" sign and the sister the "Sister Optimist" and I had to say negative things and the sister would say positive things about a situation! Don't worry, I am not actually a pessimistic missionary ;) 

Thursday: We did some service! Basically me and Elder H can landscape a back yard in like 90 mins! Crazy right? We get the job D-O-N-E!!!!!! HAha! After that we got to teach E***! Which was awesome! But before E*** we ran into a man who was really curious about how church! Not really about what we believe, but rather who was on the council of the KJV translation. Then we tried to answer and relate it back but it all blew up in our face and he ended up getting mad at us and telling us we were leading people astray and that he was going to join the Islam religion. So yeah, he wasn't really searching he was asking dumb questions that don't really matter. Oh well! With E***, we felt like she wasn't really understanding everything we were teaching her, because English is her second language. So we gave her a Spanish BOM to read side by side with the English one. She was so excited! Right when we did that and read some scriptures with her the comprehension went up! It was amazing, she really is doing awesome now! We also taught Bro. H8888z he is a RC/LA he may or may not be getting into some anti Mormon stuff. So we are trying to battle that...which is hard but we are progressing! He had some questions about 2 Nephi 5 which is the skin questions. So that kinda confirms that he is into anti stuff. So we are just helping him....slowly but surely!!!

Friday: Weekly planning!!! WOOT WOOT! IT takes a long time. We basically plan our entire next week! It's nice but also kinda tedious. We got to talk to another homeless man! This time, he talks to me about how he is tired, and that I am a wise old man. So now he calls me an old man, kinda hurtful ;) But turns out he has a brother that he hasn't seen in 20 years who is a Mormon, and he wants to me find him....So I have to find a homeless mans long lost brother!! haha! That happened as we were walking to our appointment with S***! S*** has been slowing a little, we felt like she wasn't really wanting to be baptized for the wrong reasons, so Elder H and I felt like we should kinda pressure her for her understanding. Turns out she knows a lot more than we thought and she really feels like this is the true church! We reset a date with her because she was gonna be baptized on the 28th but she wasn't ready.

Saturday and Sunday: Just stake conference! I learned a lot! But what I really liked was someone mentioned 1st Samuel 10:6 and I had read it that day! It talked about how Saul was chosen to be captain over the Lords inheritance. But what I really liked and what was mentioned was it says in verse 6 that the Spirit of the Lord will come upon him, and he will be a new man! I think that is true with everyone that is truly converted to this Church. We have the spirit in our lives, and it helps us become new people. Idk, food for thought :) 

I hope all of you are doing well! I think Spring Break is coming up soon right?? Any fun plans???

Love you!!! 

Elder Meier

March 16th, Ah the luxuries of a Missionary Apartment

First week of the
Transfer!!! Wooot WOOOooot! Jk It was pretty rough. Elder H and I both have agreed that Satan tries to ruin our lives the first week, because for some reason everything more or less goes wrong! But since we like to be faithful around here, we got to see miracles! So first off, Mom I read your email. I love the insight. I'm actually trying to read the entire old testament! I'm in Samuel right now! I started like 2 weeks ago! It was really hard to plug through Leviticus and Numbers! But I thought it was so interesting to see all the commandments and procedures the Lord gave the people of
Israel. I also thought it was interesting to see what scriptures are like the main doctrine of different
religions. Like in Num 6 where it talks about the Vow of the Nazarite. It talks about how you don't cut your hair and things and I feel like that what the Sikh religion really focuses on! So I thought it was really cool, I also get really bugged about how disobedient the children of Israel get, LIKE JUST OBEY THE LAW OF MOSES!!! Haha anyway!  Holy Crap! Oly rugby looks sooooo good!!!!!!!!!!
Their support and ball movement is really fast!!! Really smooth! I am so mad  I can't be there! But thank you so much for the clips!!! I love them! Quinn is doing great! Who are the coaches?? Is Dad helping? I am slightly getting thinner. I hope. :) It's really hard to get fit again. I only get like 30 minutes every morning. It really sucks so I feel like there really isn't much progress. Not to mention, all the healthy good food is too expensive and we only have an hour to prepare and eat our food. So it's always the cheap, fast, and unhealthy food for me! hahaa! Sorry, but I am trying my best to not eat too much!  I haven't gotten your package yet, I will probably be getting it on Wednesday cause we have Zone Conference then. They usually hold everything until then! But I can't wait for it :D  Also, no need to freak out. BUT WE HAD A FLEA IN  OUR APARTMENT!!!! IT WAS LIKE TRYING TO EAT ME! SO I TRIED TO KILL IT BUT IT IS LIKE INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! SO I TRIED TO
Monday: Just a fantastic P-day! Funny story! When
Elder H and I went to dinner at McDonald there was a
homeless man there. He was really mad that the Mormons
thought he was gonna go to Hell because he wasn't
married! We talked to him for a little bit and then the
Mcdonalds manager came out and asked if everything was okay,
and we said "yeah!" and she explained that
they've had problems with the guy before! So we said we
will keep him under control! But K**, for that was the
homeless mans name, left. Elder H and I continued to
eat and then 5 minutes later K*** walks in obviously not in a
good mood. He looks at me all wide eyed and yelled "ALL
WOMEN WANT IS MONEY!!!"  and then slammed the table
MONEY" So we talked to K*** about how God will take care
of him if he is patient and if he prays! We testified that
God loves all of his children and that he knows each of us
personally and knows how to help us! He looked astonished!
It was amazing to see his whole demeanor change after
hearing that. He calmed down, said "God will help
me." and he left! It was awesome! It's cool to see
that, homeless people are not just crazy people that hang
around. (well they are to an extent) but they have dreams
and are REAL people! They are someones child! IDK it was
just a big eye opener for me!
Tuesday was friggin crazy! So we did street
contacting a ton! Nothing very exciting happened until after
dinner. We met with a LA lady named S** L**! She is an
Indian woman from Fiji, the only reason she joined the
church was so she could get into an LDS school.. So
she really doesn't have that good base. But nothing
interesting there. What was interesting was after we were
done with her, we dropped off our bikes at the church at
around 7 so we could talk to some people on the street!
Wednesday we got to see A**** and E****! They are
both doing awesome! A*** is kinda struggling with the B.O.M.
and Joseph Smith. What is worrisome about **** is, she said
she got an answer on the BOM and Joseph Smith a few lessons
back. But now she says she hasn't so.....we are gunna
talk to her about the Holy Ghost! But she is seriously
Legit!! E****, is on date to be baptized for the 11th of
April!!!! She is so excited! We were teaching her about the
plan of salvation and in the middle of the lesson she was
just like "this all feels right, I love this." I
felt like it was the time to invite her to be baptized! It
was amazing her, and her member friend just starting crying!
She is seriously so prepared!!! It was so amazing!!! We are
seeing miracles!
Thursday was just the New Leadership Training it
pretty much took up the whole day. It was lame. Just learned
things I already knew. But I learned how to do a Baptismal
Friday: Weekly planning.
Saturday: Today was the day we had district
meeting! It was my first time doing it, IT WAS HARD!
Basically, as a District Leader, I am the leader over 5
other missionaries. They account to me every week on their
efforts, and I account to the Zone Leaders who account to
the AP's. It is really stressful! But during every
district meeting, the DL has to do a training for the other
missionaries! I had never given a training before, I was so
nervous! But on Friday I really prayed and asked for help on
what I need to give a training on! After I said amen, I felt
like I should focus on member referrals! After that it was
all a blur! The training went awesome! I was so happy I
prayed and asked for help! Cause I seriously will need
Sunday: Kinda disappointing A**** nor E*** came to
Church. Both had a work emergency. It really put a damper on
things! But luckily we got to have a b-day party for Elder
H at the O****s! E. H turns 19 on the 18th!!! SO
WOOOO!!!! The O*****s are so amazing!!! They are like the
family away from the family! HAHA!
I am doing well, I love the vids! Love all of
you! Sorry no pictures! :( I failed!
-Elder Meier

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March 9th... So many great people to teach!

Best Zone right here
Hey family!
This week was pretty good as far as last week of the transfers go! We were able to see hecka miracles and bring some people closer to the baptismal font!!! Woot Woot! We were able to see E**** twice, S***, once, and the S*** sisters, and J*****z!   E****is just super solid. Totally committed to be a part of this church! She is feeling the spirit and is just soaking up all of the things we are teaching like a friggin sponge. Unfortunately Satan likes to work on people while they are so close. So on Friday I guess something happened with E***  So she got super shaken up by that, so on Saturday we taught her about the enabling power of the atonement and that Christ can help you through anything! So she felt really comforted! She was going to go to church but something came up. S*** is just a homie! She is older but so full of life! She has some sort of cancer, that is slowly growing or something. But she is super close to baptism, the only thing that is holding her back is her husband. So basically we have a bunch of people so close to baptism but we can't seal the deal until someone gets permission from someone. pfft.We randomly had a former investigator show up to church though! He was the guy who was ok with the terrestrial kingdom! haha! Umm Well.....turns out I'm district leader now.. kinda nervous kinda don't know what the freak I'm doing but yolo.


Translated from an Audio file From March 3 (around town)

“ Hey Family its Elder Meier, just hanging out Pday today… doing our emailing, writing some people and I thought I might as well do my audio recording for you. So it's week five of this transfer, so basically the next time you hear from me I will know whether we stay or go. We will learn are next area. So kind of scary. I think I might leave, Elder H might stay that’s just kind of what happens in a trainer trainee situation… but um ya, this week was really good –exciting….. so the training goes for two transfers. And for that its week eleven. It is when  the trainee, Elder H, basically  takes the lead for the entire week and he makes planning situations, teaching situations all that good stuff, he did a good job,  he had a pretty successful week.  We had some miracles that came to pass that we were really hoping for a praying for this week.     We were able to see A***** who is Filipino and single,  I think I have told you about her. She is awesome she has a real desire to make the right choice, she keeps on telling us “ I don’t want to convert and fall away. Like I want to come and be baptized and stay… like I want to be active and not just hang out”. She is trying to search and find out if it’s true or not. Then we have S*** on date for baptism but she isn’t progressing as fast as we thought,.  So we are just praying for the right inspiration.
But then a miracle happened, we were able to meet with S***, she is awesome she is former Catholic and then didn’t really believe that, and then she was a JW and then didn’t really make sense to her anymore. She has been searching, she is basically like some of our other really great investigators who are right on the edge they just have some family problems and so we talked about the 144000 high priests, the after life per her questions and then some lessons. She has a lot of health problems and she is worried about dying, but we were able to talk to her about that and address all of her concerns, it's just her husband is a against it, he is agnostic and he doesn’t see the need for them needing religion. She is older but lively, and so it makes our discussions with her a lot of  fun.
We were also able to see J**** he is a less active recent convert, and we have been able to teach him the new member lessons. He was baptized a year ago but didn’t have the new member lessons. So the new member lessons are a review of all the discussions for understanding and whatnot. He was kind of slipping and we were able to talk to him and get him to come back.. We think he might be getting into some anti-Mormon stuff..and that’s the kind of the stuff we have to work on with him.
Another miracle was E****, she  is a friend of one of our members, she went the the Meet the Mormons, two Saturdays ago with us and our ward. She loved it so much she went back and  brought most of her family. Her husband, her son, her younger daughter. She said “ I totally feel inspired and I want to change, and I feel like something is empty inside and I want to find out what it is…., and feel like this is the church! WE are just like “ yea we know and we can help you (excited voice) we.. are like “Christ can help you, we know the church is true!” We are going to meet with her this Wednesday with the J**** family, and we are super ,super ,super excited ; and so miracles are all around us!!! 
This ward is really an amazing ward and has a lot of great missionary minded members. They are full of charity, and who are full of love and patience,meekness,and real “ long suffering”  and they are just an awesome fun ward.
Speaking of fun…a fun thing that happened this week while walking home form church we saw a dead cat on the side of the road, I can’t send you the picture because I forgot my camera again . It’s a good one, I 'll send it this week. (tongue in cheek?sarcasm?)… But really, this morning we were going to go shop, and we left our apartment through the lobby and the manager said “you can’t go out that way, because there was a rabbid dog in the lobby and its bleeding, and we called animal control”, and so we look in and there's the dog just sitting there looking  ferocious “ a beast” (companion in the background) ya total beast mode. So ya…. only here, there is a terrifying dog walks into our lobby to kill us all. Um not really though, and they got it so we are good.
So a few of our crew…..“ H***y”, the guy that tried to jump us, he looked good this week when we saw him again ..he has like new clothes every day now. He had his  boat shoes on and he was all put to gether..but he is still crazy- like, he is the local “crackhead  local-guy” that we all know and love. We also, went to lunch with M****he is the guy who plays the mini harp around town. We talk to him about Tatum all the time, about how she plays the harp and what kind of harp she plays and so its cool. Small talk, but it was great.
I loved this week, but we are nervous about transfers though so that is kind of looming, and oh yeah I got all the stuff you sent, so we are all set!! Thanks for everything !! Such a great week, we passed our apartment inspections…. Um what else??? I  just love it here.,.. oh!! There is a stinkin' car here that looks like Tosh’s car!! It's so freaky…same paint color, same rust spots, same car… everything, its cool ya. But I always get caught off guard when I see it!! I hope all is going great, I hope Quinn is doing great and that the Rugby team is doing well. So ya Love you all so very much, I will see you on Mother’s day…and I will let you know transfers next time!  Love you all!! Bye! ~ Elder Meier signing off!! “