Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

 Beautiful San Ramon in the East Bay Area...

Hey Everyone!
     Sorry I haven't been very good at writing emails. I have sent my journal stuff home which have a little better detail of what went down during the week. But it has been a very fun week! We have been working really hard just trying to find new investigators and trying to reactivate a lot of members. This last week we talked to 144 people just trying to get them to listen to our message. Sadly no one really wanted to hear what we had to say, but I think this week we will start to see some progress with the missionary work in this area.

      I have finally been able to get over the fear of talking with people, this weeks Zone focus was reading DC 18:10 and study how we can apply it as missionaries to finding others. It was something really simple yet really powerful, everyone is important to our Heavenly Father and everyone deserves to hear about how we can come closer to him. We are also trying to coordinate our efforts with the wards, they have a lot of potential to be an amazing missionary ward. We went over their Ward Mission Plan last night and they set some awesome goals. So we are going to help them out and get them going! We are so excited! Some good things are going start happening! We can just feel it!!

     Funny story though. Last Friday we had our weekly planning session so we didn't have very much time to get 20 OYMs ( open your mouth; talking to people). So, it being Friday night, I thought we could go on the Iron Horse Trial, (the Iron Horse trial is walk/bike path that used to be a train track, but they filled it in with concrete. It runs right behind the Cal
High School Football field) and OYM people that would be going to the game. Elder F didn't think it was a good idea, but I felt like it would be, so after convincing him to let us try it. He agreed, but only if I led us there. Surprisingly I got us there!! I was super excited to OYM about football relating to the Gospel!! We turned the corner. NO ONE! It was barren. In fact there was less people than usual at that time. Obviously I was wrong and I let Elder F know I was sorry. He made us walk the way back just so we wouldn't pass anyone. It was a good learning experience.

     Sorry, I don’t have any pictures cause nothing was picture worthy this week! And I keep forgetting!!  But after emailing we are going to do some carving pumpkins so I will take pictures then!! HAHA sorry! What should I do about the Camera? Do you want to put money on my card so I just purchase one? :) I sent my journal stuff on Saturday they have more details about the area and Elder F. But thanks for the pocket editions! I haven't got them yet, but I seriously am so grateful for that!! I will try to be in the pictures. We share a car with the other elders, so we have it Sunday-Wednesday. We get fed almost every night with really nice dinners!! Ha but I am losing weight! Our apartment actually has a weight room and I've been running and lifting and getting HUGE!! The battery is almost fully charged it just doesn't have high quality lens because it's old. Well, actually maybe I don't want you to buy another camera and it is not very
good because then we would be in the same boat. But I do need some money on my card. I have to get my suits try cleaned and I need to buy some more socks and a rain jacket. It has rained a lot the last few days and the jacket I have is too heavy (even with the lining out) for the weather right now. Like it isn't too cold here, it's just wet. So I just need a light rain jacket. So IDK how much money, that would be. Like 60 70 IDK? My bike is with me. I take it everywhere I go, so don't worry. I love you!

      Quinn, I'm sorry to hear about the loss. At least you aren't a senior! You will do tons better next year for sure!!! That's awesome you caught a 4th down pass!! I'm so proud of you.  I really want to see your clips from  the varsity games; maybe you can put together a .wmv for me. I can watch them. Those are some pretty good stats though! I think you may have more yards than I did my junior year!! Idk though! Yeah I wish I was there to watch you play too.   You will get asked to Winter formal don't worry!! HAHA! But that's awesome that Rugby is already starting!!! You guys will be really good! ARGH I'm so mad I won't be able to watch you play!! I am in San Ramon right now! Its a super nice area, I think one  the nicest in California !! Love you Quinn!!!!! MISS YOU!!!

Hey TayTay!!! I'm still in the same transfer so the end of this transfer is like in 3 weeks. But it is so safe here! Theft i'm pretty sure isn't even a thing in San Ramon because everyone here is super rich! I have had like really nice dinners every night! But BETOS CHANGED THEIR NAME AGAIN???? That is so dumb!!!! Darn owners  always changing their name!!! I am sorry to hear about you losing, but I heard you played hard which is all that matters!!! YOU GOT YOUR BRACES OFF??!?!?! That is sooooo awesome! Be sure to wear your retainer so they don't get spaced out again. I'm sure you look beautiful!!! Sheesh Tatum, you're pretty darn tough to go the week with a broken wrist! You are my hero!! AHHAHA How bad was the break???  Transfers are coming in a few weeks!! We haven't been teaching a lot of people but we are trying our hardest to find new people! I'm sure we will find new people this week!! I can't wait for Christmas!!!! I love you Tatum!!! MISS

Well I have to go now, I wish I had more time!!! And thanks for all of the Goodies and packages and letters!!! I love them!!! Even though I suck at writing back I enjoy them so much and read them over and over again.

I love you! Miss you!!! Elder Meier

Friday, October 17, 2014

Small Challenges

Date: Monday, October 13, 2014, 12:06 PM

Hi everyone!!!!
So first off mom to answer some of your questions from last

week.... I haven't really been able to try all the local food places because we are considered a suburb, so it's all pretty fast food style and lame.  Ha-ha, but I will find some soon. Plus it isn't in San Fran so there aren't a lot of local vendors. It's literally just like Holladay, not really a ton of uniquely "local" does that make sense?  But we do have good sushi sometimes and it has a lot of good shops, and old houses etc... No, I haven't gotten the CD's yet because we haven't gone up to the mission home yet, but thank you beforehand!!! :) We aren't doing any service with our zone because our zone is pretty spread out, plus Alameda is the farthest away and we are the only Elders that are in Alameda on bike. So someone would have to drive 20 minutes just to pick us up and it would kind of be a hassle to do that. So we just do our own service projects So, I sent some stuff home. Did you get it?? Was there anything broken in them? For the program I have it, I'll send that home too with the next letter that I am sending. The weather is really good it's been like 80's like the whole time I’ve been here! It hasn't rained but it has misted a few times. Let's see last week wasn't very eventful but there are two things that I do want to share!!! The first one: We went on exchanges with the ZL's and I went to San Leandro again!

It was nice to be able to go out and work again even if everyone was speaking Spanish the whole time. But we did go give a blessing to a lady, she had said her house was haunted and stuff was being moved around at night, and lights were turning on without her even being in the room. I didn't know what she was saying that until after we left, because she was speaking in Spanish the whole time. But it was still kind of scary! We also ran into the a vicious dog named Bobby, Bobby is a ferocious dog that bite Elder
Y’s (the ZL I was on exchanges with) shoe!!! It was seriously the buffest dog I had ever seen! But. Craziest thing is...Bobby is a Chihuahua! The Buffest Chihuahua EVER!!!! It literally looked as buff as a pit bull!!!! When we were leaving the yard I sprinted out of the yard and left Elder Y for Bobby!!! Sad right? Well it was fun, I wish stuff like that happened in Alameda!! :D

Umm concerning our investigators we have only met with G! He is chugging along and is reading the scriptures and everything!!! So he is really searching to know if the Book of Mormon is the word of God. B, the one who was supposed to be baptized on the 17th has fallen off the face of the planet. We can't get a hold of him, his phone is dead or lost because whenever we call it goes straight to voicemail.....We are praying and hoping to find some new investigators soon!!! –Elder Meier

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Renewed Focus

Hey Everyone,

     I have been doing a lot better this last week! Wasn't General Conference the bomb!!!!!????Oh it was so cool! I had never been so excited for conference before! I have literally like 10 pages of notes!!! I had all of my questions answered and I had a lot of things to think about! So it was a very amazing experience to be able to hear from the Prophet of the Lord! To be honest I had no idea about Elder Bednar growing up in Oakland, so thanks, now I do!!! HAHA That’s awesome!! I am glad everyone was able to learn from Conference! I pray that they will be able to apply what they have learned!

     Let’s see this week went pretty well, we are trying to focus a lot on service so we tried really hard to find some service opportunities! So on Tuesday we actually went to a food bank and asked if there was any way that we could help out and they said that there was! It turns out in November through December it gets really busy and so they are always looking for extra people to help out and do some of the jobs! So we signed up and gave them our info and we got the whole "orientation" thing and we are now officially able to help at any food bank! WOOT WOOT!!! After that, we helped Bro. D, one of our ward mission leaders; pack up his house because he has to move :( The person that owns the property wants to do something else with the stuff so he kicked out like 2 families off the property. It is sad, but I guess that's how it works in Cali. He is looking for a place to stay in Alameda but he might have to move to San Lorenzo! :( It sucks
because he is rumored to be the best WML in the entire mission.

     On Wednesday we had the Zone Conference, Elder Hamula was supposed to come but since he spoke in general conference he obviously had to postpone that. So we had a short 3 hour conference, we talked about really just house keeping things like cleaning, service rules, and washing our hands and being healthy. But, we also got to watch Meet the Mormons!!!! We got to see it before it came out in theaters! #blessed! It was seriously such a cool movie! You all better go and watch it! I seriously laughed and cried! It was the coolest thing ever! The movie will get a lot of people interested in our church and it will hasten the work a lot!

     Thursday we really only mowed a ladies lawn, it took like 10 minutes because her lawn was as big as my room back home, and it was just dirt. But we didn't want to argue because if she wanted her dirt mowed, so help me it was gunna get mowed! HAHAHA!

     Friday was just normal and weekly planning. Saturday we obviously went to General Conference!!!! We watched the first session at Bro. D's and then we watched the afternoon session at B's scuba shop, so it made for an interesting afternoon Saturday session! Then the priesthood session at the church.

     Sunday: We watched conference all day! It was nice; we could relax and just get guidance from the Lord. I am so grateful for General Conference now, like I took it for granted back home. But it is such a blessing to have the guidance of a Prophet on this Earth today!!!
     YEAH I know Elder H! I ran into him the first day! He is with Elder BB from the MTC!!! I also stalked Elder H's blog the night I got my mission call! I also told him that! So he might think I am weird now! But he was in my mission, so I had to!!  LOL! But AHHH IM SO PROUD OF OLY AND QUINN!!!!! THAT IS SO EXCITING FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!! I WISH I COULD BE THERE WATCHING HIM!!!!

I kind of suck at writing hand written letters right now. So I will try to do better, I know I am behind on that!!

So my  interview with Pres. this week was good! We had a lot of things to talk about but we figured it out and he answered all of my questions and stuff! I love him! He is such a great and amazing guy! For the Zone conference we just have like 3 Zones from the mission get together. So not the entire mission. The new sister missionaries are really nice! Sister L.  is like super-duper nice, like preschool teacher nice! Which is fun!! And then Sister A. is really mellow so they are kind of opposite but they get along really well! Alameda is actually super cute! It has the coolest looking house and the coolest paint jobs on them! Some have like swirly designs on them and others have like cool observatory towers and stuff! I think it is Victorian. I attached a picture of one of the houses I ride by everyday! So it's quite the place! We do have a view of San Fran from Crown Beach!  It's really pretty!!!

Okay last thing yes I saw the Blog!!!! IT loooks sooo cute!!! HAHAHA I love it! thank you!!! I actually ran into Elder A on Wednesday! He has gotten taller! I had to get on my tip toes just to hug him!

So concerning what I need from you I honestly think I am good for right now! Thank you for always being ready to help me out though!

I am still motivated to do the right thing, even in this current situation, and to work hard! Sometimes I get off track during my studies, but I am trying to focus on a single topic each week and work on really understanding the doctrine behind it and the way I can better teach it. So I have been trying hard to become the best person and missionary I can be!

I hope all is well back home! I love you and miss you!!!!

-Elder Meier

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The First 100 Days

"Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not"

         ~D & C 6:36

" I have also posted pictures on http://www.missionsite.net/eldercolemanmeier this is until I decide to do a blog or something corny like that...."

MTC June 18-24

Hitting the ground running....

(This is from last Tuesday - June 24th, let me know if you want to be removed from this email)

MOMMY!!!! I can get mail everyday except Sunday! But, I can only get on my email on Tuesday (my P-day) Thank you so much for the cookies! I have been showing them off and sharing them with all of my companions and districts! I have had a couple rough days, but nothing I can't handle. We have been trying to teach R,one of our investigators, and he isn't really connecting the dots with what we are saying so it's really frustrating when we teach what we feel like is a good lesson, and then have him say he doesn't get it or doesn't know yet. But, we are still trying!

My schedule usually goes like this: 6:10 wake up and get ready, 7-730 district study, 730-8 breakfast, 8-12:45 classroom session, 1-1:130 Lunch, 1:45-4:15classroom session, 4:45-5:30 gym, 6-630 dinner,6:45-7 prep, 7-8 personal study, 8-9 companion study, 9-930 district study, 930- personal time, 1015 quiet time, 1030 lights out! During classroom time we will teach some of our investigators.

We have 3 investigators right now, P, R, and O. P is progressing really well, he has started to read the B.O.M. and prayed about it and felt its truth, he also took his wife to church with him this Sunday! They both really enjoyed it! P is really interested in the marriage in a Temple so we are going to teach him about the plan of Salvation tomorrow! He has already committed to be baptized!

R, has been really tough, he just isn't picking up what we are throwing down. He has a desire to know, but he just wants to know everything before we are able to commit him to baptism. After teaching him I feel really discouraged. Just because I know that what we are teaching him is true but he can't feel the truthfulness of it yet. We are just gunna keep trying until he gets it!
O. is our new investigator and we got to meet with her for the first time, she is a nice lady who actually knows a lot about the historical contents of the scriptures, she asked some really thoughtful questions (nothing we couldn't handle) and she seems to have a real desire to know the truth, so there should be more to come!

I can email anyone I want! So feel free to send out my email! Also feel free to send out my MTC mailing address! I want letters haha! But it's been so cool here! I'm loving it!

Quinn probably just did what he likes to do, if thats DB then so be it. He knows whats best for him and how to get playing time. Tatum wrote me the cutest letter!! Ahh I really needed it haha! I'm reading the Book of Mormon again and i'm learning a lot! I love and miss you all so much!

On Sunday! We are doing a temple walk there, we just walk around on the temple grounds!

I miss you all! but I'm having fun!

July 1st - MTC over already!

Mommy! The cafeteria crowds aren't too bad at all! There is enough room for everyone! The food is kinda rough but whatever. I'm not doing too bad! There's really nothing left for me to need at the MTC since I leave tomorrow morning. I sent a letter last night but idk if it will come in time for you to know. But my bags that I have are like 18 pounds over weight, so I'm gunna need money on my card to pay the over weight fees. Just an FYI. I guess. If you want you can make a blog, since I didn't think it would be so hard to keep up with letters ..Pday is pretty busy

My Zone leader responsibilities are kinda limited because I'm at the MTC but it's still pretty cool. I just kinda meet with the branch president, give the new people tours of the campus and organize sacrament for my branch and stuff. Nothing too hard , it's fun! I found Jake Flynn and Spencer Evans! They are here at the MTC with me! It's so dope seeing them here! Oh and speaking of people we know, MY TEACHER JC HAMILTON KNOWS SAMANTHA AND HUNG OUT WITH HER AND ERICKA THE OTHER NIGHT!!!!! IT'S SO CRAZY! But he also served in my mission so he got me super excited about going on our mission!

Oh also I got to give the sisters in my branch a blessing before they left on their mission! It was such a cool moment! I felt so close to God and Jesus Christ as I was giving the blessing! It was probably the highlight of my MTC experience.

>> HAHA HI TATUM!!!! DID YOU GET MY LETTER BACK TO YOU!?!?! I GOT THE COOKIES AND STUFF AND I LITERALLY ATE THEM IN 2 MINUTES! SOO YUMMY! I'm glad my room looks the same! Did someone clean it? My favorite part about the MTC is the people and the spirit! No matter where I go and what I do, it's always centered around the spirit and it's such an amazing place to be! A Zone leader ya basically does that, and then gives the new missionaries tours, talks to the branch president, and organizes the sacrament meeting! Not too cool, but it's fun! ALL THE STUFF EVERYONE HAS SENT WAS AWESOME! I CRIED WHEN I GOT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGES!!! I leave for Oakland tomorrow morning! BUT GUESS WHAT!?!?! I CAN CALL YOU ALL AT THE AIRPORT!!!!!! SO EXPECT TO GET A CALL AROUND 7-9 AM!!!! OK!!!? I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU TATUM!

I miss everyone !!

Here we go!!

Elder Meier

P.S. Did I mention I'm a Zone Leader!!!?!?!?

July 14, 2014 - Week 4 Getting to know the People…

Well Hey Everyone!

THE WORK: The work is going really well, we have 6 investigators! We are working really hard to increase our teaching pool! We have been struggling contacting people on the street though; no one wants to take the time to listen to what we have to say. But, that's okay, we are planting the seed! Umm, we are teaching G. who ran across the country, M. and T. who apparently could've been swat snipers, E. who is from France, C. who's from Mexico, G. who is a hippie but he graduated from high school when he was 15. That's the line-up! All of them are progressing and understanding! We hope they will want to get baptized soon!

THE WARD: The Ward has a lot of amazing people in! All of them are really nice people and are so welcoming!! I feel home already!

Mom: How are you! I'm doing well so don't need to worry! I haven't gotten any of the packages yet. They are probably just sitting at the mission home, they are busy up there! Ha-ha I got a Haircut today! So I’m looking super cute! HAHA Elder A. says you and his mom are like best friends now! So that's kinda cute! I'm excited for all of my friends to start heading out! It was a little lonely out here in the mission field! :) I've been talking to P. about him going on a mission and he seems super nervous! But I'm glad they are all deciding to go! It's the best decision for all of them! I can feel your love from all the way out here! I'm glad the Lord is answering your prayers! He is definitely answering mine everyday by keeping everyone safe! I hope you are doing well! I enjoy the updates!

Quinn: That's so funny! Who started it? How did coach respond to that? It was weird to think you were only 5 hours away from me, playing Football.... I'm glad you're safe and you had fun! The city that I’m in is Alameda! I haven't heard from Jesse yet....Text him my email for me please? I'm just biking and teaching people! Ha-ha

Tatum: I'll try to get some Oakland A's stuff sometime!!! Cause they are gunna win! I sure would love to play tennis with you when I get back! I guess I'll have to start practicing on my p-days!!! The mission is going really well! We have 6 investigators right now! So we are really busy! We are hoping to get some baptized soon!

My bike is amazing! Did you get the picture from Sister P? It’s super nice and super lightweight but a nice brand and really reliable! It works like a charm, super smooth ride! I want to ride it everywhere!! It should be really reliable! I'm doing well! I love it here! It's been going by way fast!!!! The members here are so amazing!!!And yes my comp is great! So we are definitely getting along! He is so funny! He literally is just like me but only taller! His birthday is Aug. 8 just FYI! But my time is done here so I gotta go bye!

Samantha and Dad! I already emailed you!

I love you all! Miss you much!

Elder Meier

July 21, 2014 - Week 5 – Appreciating Alameda

The money, I get is on an Ecard from the Mission and every month I get a set amount put into the account for groceries and stuff like that. I haven't gotten to know the Mission Pres. and his wife too well yet, I have an interview with him this week so we will see how that works out! But from what I understand he is a really nice guy and really gets the youth and what not. The Mission Offices are really nice! They have a view of the entire San Francisco Bay! It is so beautiful! The mission home looks like a small little village. For breakfast usually just cereal or toaster waffles, lunch it's either Top Ramen or Mac and cheese or Left overs! But it isn't bad at all! I'm gaining weight and leg muscle so there is no need to worry! I'm just reading the Book of Mormon again, and I'm studying anything that can benefit my investigators!

I had a pretty cool week, so on my apartment is pretty small, it's right by a canal with abnormally green water and it sometimes stinks (but it's not a sewer). Well on Thursday we did exchanges, so I was sent to The San Leandro area which includes one of the roughest parts of Oakland. I was the only white kid there so I was really scared! We had a car and whenever I would get out a huge pit bull, out of nowhere, would run into the fence that would separate us and start barking. I seriously cried every time it happened, the pit bulls were so muscular some could barely walk! It was ridiculous! I go back tonight for exchanges with the ZL's. Wish me luck!

Love you!

Well, my week was seriously just so fun! Last week when we were finishing up from emailing the cops came and said someone called 911 on us! So they pulled us back into the church for questioning. It sucked really bad, and really embarrassing, they didn't even know what they were doing. So dumb.

On Tuesday we went and taught some people, we went to this guy’s house named A. to give him a B.O.M and he was straight callin us out about how he thinks it's BS that Joseph Smith saw God, but after talking with him he said to both of us that "we very well trained, very good knowledge." So, it felt good to know that I actually knew stuff about the church and could help someone realize that we know whazz good! Then

Wednesday everyone cancelled so it was hard, it's hard because you study really intently so that the person you are teaching can feel the truthfulness of the gospel. But then when they cancel you feel bad for them because they are missing an opportunity to get closer to God and you can't help but feel sad.

Thursday was when I went to Oakland and you know how that went, but I did get to meet these two 9 Y.O girls named Flora and Florie and they are twins from Liberia and they were so cute! They are getting baptized soon! But, I just really like their names! I think if I’m getting a twin that’s what I’m naming them! Sound good? Oh, also while on exchanges, so in Alameda where I am right now I ride bikes. But in San Leandro, they drive a car. It's probably the worst thing ever. You have a lot of time to think to yourself while you are in the car and I started thinking about home and everything and I got super homesick and everything I saw started reminding me of home! It was so sad!

Friday. We met this kid named D., I don’t know if this kid is legit about the Gospel or not, but he walked with us talking about church and stuff, he even tried contacting someone about the church. He went up to some random guy and said "Do you see that Temple up there" the random guys said "what?" and then D. just said “I Love you" Me and Elder A. started cracking up! It was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while!

Saturday. We found D. again and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon; he said he was going to read it. He also asked us to pray for him and his GF cause she might be in a tough spot with his girl, so yeah. That might be tough. Maybe we are planting seeds though..

Elder Meier

JULY 28, 2014 – Week 6 – Experiences of Life
My Week last week was again full of funny stuff and exciting moments! Ill I don't really know why the people called the cops on us. We never asked. When I did exchanges the other companionship had a car so we would drive around in it for the day. We are doing really well! We are kinda getting frustrated because of our lack of finding new people to teach, but that's okay cause we have a lot we are still teaching! To be honest Elder A. is great! He is teaching me a lot and is being a great example to me!
I'm glad Trek was fun! I'm kinda sad I missed it! When I went it was really a good time! Well you're supposed to do exchanges 3 times a transfer. So depending on how long I'm in Alameda determines how many times I go to San Leandro! We just call them and tell them we need to do exchanges hah! I've just been emailing you family stuff. I'm really getting over whelmed to be honest. I try to send emails to people but they don’t really reply...Which is fine, I am sure they read them, but just don’t have time. If my friends wanna know anything extra that’s going on they will email me. But it would be nice to have a few more reply back.. haha!

You can send me stuff like packages, it just sits in the mission home until the ZL or anyone is nice enough to check for packages and brings it to our apartment, so it's different delivery every time. I spend the mission money on food and haircuts and study and church supplies, my personal money is for like new clothes and stuff. WHICH REMINDS ME! CAN YOU PUT MONEY ON MY ACCOUNT? THERE IS A ROSS JUST DOWN THE STREET FROM ME AND I NEED LONGER SPORTS SHORTS. MY GARMENTS HANG OUT THE BOTTOM OF MINE NOW. We see the district every week, during district meeting!

Tuesday: I was on Exchanges with the Zone Leader, because apparently you're supposed to exchange with them once a transfer. The problem was, they are assigned to speak Spanish, so the whole day Elder C. (one of the ZL's) spoke in Spanish so I had no idea what was going on! I started to get a headache because of it! Something really crazy that happened was while we were doing companionship study, we got a call. I answered, and the guy on the other line was speaking Spanish so I handed the phone to Elder C. and He starts speaking to him, and then his face just goes pale and he looked so scared! He talks with this guy for like 10 min. and then hangs up and he tells me the guy’s name was M. He continues to tell me that M. was one of their former investigators, but they dropped him. I asked what M. wanted and Elder C. said that he was in a very dark place and he didn't want to live anymore!! It was so

scary! So we called Pres. M and told him the situation and he said not to go to M.'s house to talk to him, we were to text M. numbers for a suicide hotline! It was so scary! I still don't know what happened to M.! -__-

Wednesday: Everyone cancelled on us today, it was hard. But we met with J.  and he said he would go to church! That was exciting!

Thursday: We had pres. interviews today! I really like Pres. M! He is such a cool guy for being so old! He told me that I was going to be put in positions were I can help a lot of missionaries, so I don't know what that means! Made me a little nervous! Ha-ha we also met with his wife and she is so sweet and is a teenager at heart!

After that we had to inspect the other Elders apartment to make sure everything worked and was clean! Luckily it was! We Taught G. today, he is getting really excited about the Book of Mormon! So that makes me and Elder A. really happy! Then we went street contacting nothing exciting! But then we met with a young Family! The N. Family, E. is a non-member(she is French!) and S. is a less active, and they have a baby girl named J.! It was awesome because S. is coming to church and he also got his Patriarchal Blessing! So he is reactivating! We are so close with E. as well!

Friday was weekly planning so nothing exciting

Saturday: Today was funny! So Alameda has Festivals like every month! This month was the Art and Wine Festival, they set it up on Park Street, which is like the Main Street of Alameda. Anyway we met a lot of people, most of them Drunk. We were walking down and some drunk lady came up to us to check our name tags, and said "YUP THERE MORMONS!!!" And then went back to her friend. Then she was like, "WE ARE LESBIANS!!! *CUSS* *CUSS* WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHT ON HOMOSEXUALITY?" and we told her we are against it and she tried to tell us that in the Bible it says you can be homosexual, and we told her it wasn't in there, and there was a ton of people looking and people were kind of watching the Lady closely, cause they worried she was getting crazy! Ha-ha. Something else that was cool, was some lady randomly stopped us and asked if we had ever heard of Stephanie Neilson, and we said we had. This lady apparently isn't a member but she reads Stephanie Neilsons

blog(Stephanie is a Mormon), and in her blog it says to feed the Mormon missionaries! So this random lady invited all the missionaries to dinner! So that’s awesome! We are excited for the opportunity to teach her the gospel!

Sunday: I SPOKE IN CHURCH TODAY! On Saturday bishop texted us and asked if I could speak about Faith and Repentance and I did. To be honest I was so nervous! It was like the first talk I had ever written by myself, it was like 10 min. long! I was so proud of myself and I know that the Holy Ghost was helping me out so much! I have the program with my name in it so I’ll send it to you! But when we were walking into church there was a guy outside the church, with a sign that said "Blasphemers Lurk Within" I guess the guy was excommunicated from the church. But I don't know why though. It was kinda scary!

So that’s my week,
Oh also members and investigators want to follow me on Insta and they can't find me when I tell them my username. It's still cmeier5 right?
Also I need new shorts so can you put in some money?
Thanks for all the packages and letters! I'll respond to them! I love you all!!!!!

-Elder Meier

Yeah I got your packages! Thank you sooo much! I loved the greenie theme! And I also loved the Bike thing! I was stressin about it! So I was really glad I got that! I also was very happy about the tie clip!!! So thanks!! I'll respond tell you about the week in the casa de Meier email.

Well, my time is up. We can just write letters! That can be our thing! k? Don’t forget to put some money on one of my accounts. I Love you Mommy! I seriously miss you soooooo much! I think about you every day! I really do! I'll send some pictures next week! Love you mom!

-Elder Meier

August 4, 2014 -Week 7 – Lost and Found

Sent: Mon, Aug 4, 2014 10:15:01 PM

Dear Family,

We have 7 investigators right now, only 4 are progressing because they were the ones we met with last week. 2 are close to baptism we just have to get them to church a lot more! Oh! A cool experience that we had was, we found a wallet in the middle of the road. So we went to his house to give it back. But the guy wasn't home so we were going to take to the Police station. But then we found another wallet! So we took it as a sign to wait for the owners to be home! So yesterday we went to their houses to give it to them, and one of them is interested in the Gospel! It was really crazy! I just testified to me that the Lord works in Mysterious ways! I'm flying through the Book of Mormon I'm in the middle of Alma! I started the Bible yesterday! Other than that nothing too exciting happened! My bike is running really well! It's a well-oiled machine!!
Yes I need some more G bottoms, can you send some large/short ones?? And some Chocolate double stuff is perfect! We really never have free time! LOL! We either email, or shop or clean! But that’s okay! I like staying busy! I think we will keep in touch! I hope we do! Yes missionaries serve in San Fran. That’s why it's called the Oakland/San Fran mission mommy! HAHAHAH sorry that was rude. I love you! There are a few tough personalities, but all the missionaries that I have met are usually so nice! But, it's good to be having to learn how to get along with people I don’t like, so even if they aren’t so nice I am trying. This freakin month has gone by way fast! Like holy crap! JULY WHERE DID YOU GO!?!?! It seems like yesterday I was in Newport. I'm so happy I've been blessed with all these investigators! I can't wait to see what happens with them!

And yeah there are missionaries in San Francisco I think only like 6 right now, just in the actually Downtown city. Most of them are in the Polynesian wards. Can you send the cotton poly kind? That’d be really nice! Everyone thinks they know everything about me! Ha-ha! It's crazy though! I can't wait to read the Book of Merman every day! It’s awesome! I love the stories!!!
Well overall I'm really good!!!! I am kinda nervous cause transfers are next week!!!! I could be with a new trainer or be one, or be moved to anything!! or leave Alameda! It's really scary!!! I really like it here!!
Love you all!

Elder Meier

August 12, 2014- week 8 - Changes

I'm doing really well. The rumors are true, Elder A. is leaving me. He is going to be a ZL in Antioch! I'm really excited for him but at the same time I’m mad at him for leaving me so soon! He is such a cool guy and we got a long so well. I'm nervous because I don't know Alameda as well as he does so it'll definitely be a challenge for me to know where to go and stuff! My new companion is going to be Elder H, word on the street is he is opposite of me. I hope we can get a long, if not, I guess that's just how it goes. I've tried to email Tosh but he hasn't emailed me back! I'm kinda offended, I wrote him a letter so I hope he writes me back! Me and Elder A. both got your packages! On his Birthday so it was perfect timing! Thank you so much for all the stuff! I love the socks, t-shirts, shorts, cereal and Oreos! The garments were good too! One of them was much too small! But all the other ones are perfect so thank you so much! I really appreciate them! You can name my blog something clever. I really don't care! I trust you! Except with the insta name, ha-ha what's up with that? LOLZ.

I'm glad all the farewells went well! Sounds like the last few guys are heading out soon! It's crazy that they are all doing what I’ve already done! It's exciting! Reminds me of a scripture! Alma 17:2-3! AHH it just makes me so happy that they are all on the right track! I'm really excited for P. to get his call! He is going to be so awesome!

I am glad you're getting school started again! I'm so proud that you decided to do that, then you followed through and got it done! It'll be such a blessing to you in the long run! Can't wait to see you in your cap and gown! It's crazy that school is coming up so quick, it feels like July was never here! Is Quinn excited for his junior year? Hope so! It was one of my funnest years! What about Tatum? Is she excited?

I am staying in Alameda, and I am really happy about it! I can finish what I started! All the people are so nice and it's like my new family here! Especially the ward mission leaders,they are so awesome and feed us well!!  Everyone is sad Elder A. is leaving but happy I'm staying so I'll be okay here! I love it here so much! Seriously everyone is so nice here. Even if they aren't LDS, most of them are nice people! I'm learning that I don't take very much bashing from people! HAHA! I'll tell you about that in a second. But the entire Gospel is becoming more clear! Like I can see how it all fits together now, and how all the B.O.M. like solidifies the Bible and everything it's really cool! I get a long really well with my district! They are all just soooo fun! Something cool, I went on exchanges with my ZL(Elder C.) 2 weeks ago, and now Elder C. is an AP! So, that means I totally survived exchanges with an AP!! So that’s really exciting! We did talk with Demarius Moore the other day, He is a Wide Receiver for The Oakland Raiders! So that was cool! But other than that nope!

Dads already keepin me updated on all things football so we are good! Thanks though!

Just something cool that happened this week:

We had a potential that taught on Thursday, his name was P. We had met him on the 4th of July but he couldn't meet with us until August. We went over to his apartment, and he had classical music playin and he was in a robe and slippers. It was so weird. But we began to teach him, and everything we would say he would disagree with and say it's physically impossible. He said God was invented and he didn't want to read the B.O.M. with us. So he was basically there to bash the Church. I ended up telling him our expectations for meeting with him, which is of course Baptism, and he said he was absolutely not going to be baptized. Ever. So I had to tell him there was no point in us meeting with him again if he wasn't going to accept our message. It was so scary, I didn't want to offend him, but I also didn't want to waste the Lords time teaching this guy who wasn't even really searching for the truth. It was hard to listen to things he would say about the
Church. But, it really strengthened my testimony. After everything he had said, I never felt like I was wrong in telling him that I knew this Gospel is true. I was amazed at how strong my testimony really was. I was so grateful for that opportunity! It was a good time!

Keep up with your testimonies to me! I love them! They really do help me out a lot! Even if I don't mention them, I still keep them in a special place so I can always remember them! Keep writing me letters! I love them! I seriously miss the entire family sooooo much! I wish y'all could visit, but that's against the rules! Miss you and Love you so much!!!

-Elder Meier

P.S. some kid named Calven prolly invited me and Tatum on Insta. I told him too! He is a Recent Convert! He is a part of an Amazing Family!!! So accept that request as well as J.G.and maybe the P Family!!!

Sent: Monday, August 25, 2014 11:53 AM


How are you guys? Sorry I didn't email very well last week, it was kind of a weird/good/bad day for me. So my p-day was on Wednesday last week because we went to the temple! That was really fun but it kinda of messed up our whole day! How did Quinns football game go? You guys can send me the films of his game and I can watch them! I was really excited when I heard that you could do that! All of Friday I was thinkin about Quinn getting ready for his first football game of the Season! But, if he actually didn't have a game that would be awkward. HAHA!
Well I guess I'll just start from the top I guess. Elder A. is official gone as of two weeks ago! We went up to the mission home and it was CRAZY!!! There were a ton of missionaries being transferred to all over! I got to meet some new missionaries and added some new friends! So that was exciting! It was sad leaving Elder A. but it’s the Lords will so it had to be done! I was really nervous at first about Elder H. but he isn’t too bad! He is a really good missionary, and he has taught me a lot! He has taught me a lot more about the scriptures and the doctrine and I’m really excited about that!
Last week was a really good week! We had 11 lessons taught which is really cool because that’s the most we have had in a week! We are making progress which is really cool! We are gunna have to probably drop G. soon L he isn’t progressing. He is reading the B.O.M but he isn’t looking for anything. He just enjoys our company and our message but doesn’t have that desire to join our church. We read 3rd Nephi 11 with him were it literally says to get baptized like a million times. But we won’t admit that it is something that he needs to do! E. is progressing though, she is really searching and looking for God! She is having trouble realizing that the signs or feelings that she is receiving actually is from God, since she was raised in France her family didn’t really teach her anything about religion so God to her is a completely new subject! But yesterday she did come to Church on her on without having her Husband make her! So that was a
good thing to see! Yesterday we also picked up 2 new ‘gators! B. and C.! B. we met street contacting, he is 19 and he has gone through a lot of hard things in his life and he feels like he has turned his back on God. He wants that relationship with God again and feels that he can be happy through being baptized so he is really prepared! C. was a 22 year old girl who was talking to one of our members/LA (Bro K.! So, Bro. K. called us, literally after we finished with B., to come and talk to C.! C. has been through all of these different religions and wants to just find the right one! So we taught her about J.S. and the Restoration and it worked! She is a new ‘gator!
I’m doing really well besides that, I was sick on Saturday because of the Flu so we stayed in doors the whole day, which totally sucked! But I did read a lot in the Book of Mormon and I am almost done! I am in 3rd Nephi 23! So I’m just chuggin along in the B.O.M and I’m loving it! Oh SOMETHING REALLY COOL WAS ON SATURDAY NIGHT I FELT MY FIRST EARTHQUAKE EVER!!!!!!!!! AHHH IT WAS SO SCARY BUT AT THE SAME TIME SO FRIGGIN COOL! THE WHOLE EARTH JUST SWAYS AND I HATED IT CAUSE I HAD NO CONTROL OF MY MOVEMENT BUT LOVED IT CAUSE IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE!!!!!! This was the general email just for the Fam! I will answer your questions personally on the emails you sent the questions from! I love all of you and pray for all of you every time I pray! Have fun at school,work, and home! Be safe everyone!
-Elder Meier!

Sent: Monday, September 1, 2014 11:29 AM

Subject: FAMILY!!

Hey Family!

I hope all is going well! I'm in the middle of the Ether right now and I'm really close to the end! It is talking a lot about the Brother of Jared and all of his faith. While I was reading this morning I thought about how his name isn't mention in the Book of Mormon, I was really thinkin about why that is. Then I realized it was because he was a humble guy. He was at that point in time the only one who had seen Jesus Christ in the flesh. He was so faithful that the veil was taken from him and he saw Jesus. Yet, he was so humble he didn't go around boasting about it nor was he thinking of himself any better than anyone else. I think he is one of the best examples of humble faith ever!

This last week was kinda of a slow one. Tuesday we had our district meeting and then Elder H. was not feeling well, so we had to stay in all day. It was so boring but I got to watch lots of General Conference talks! So I guess that was pretty good! Oh we also taught E. on Tuesday as well! She is doing pretty good! She is still having a lot of problems understanding the standards of the Church. (specifically the Sabbath Day and aspects of the Law of Chastity) but I think those questions will go away once she knows that there is a God who has commanded these things! Wednesday we had the Dr. appointment , it sucked because we had to wake up at like 545 in the morning just so Elder H. could drive us up to the Doctors! So me and Elder B. studied together for like 2 hours. He wasn't allowed to do anything except rest. So we called the mission home and I got permission to drive! So now I am

authorized as a designated driver! WOOHOO!!! So that was pretty cool! On Thursday we went to B. scuba shop place, and he is seriously getting paranoid. He thinks that some other scuba business is out to get him, and that they've hired some guy to kill him while they are scuba diving. So that was a pretty interesting time talking with him! He is slowly losing it I think!

We are probably gunna start dropping some of our Investigators soon. :( They aren't progressing and they only like to read the scriptures because they like the company. It is a sad time but it has to be done so we can find the ones that are prepared to receive the gospel! We are gunna drop 2 investigators but it's okay because we gained 2 this last week! So the Lord does provide when we make hard decisions!


How was the first week of school everyone!? How are the football games? How's Zoe and Willow? I miss you guys so much! I love you all! Do your homework and read the scriptures they are DOPE!

-Elder Meier


Mom: I have heard a lot about the football games! The only time I would really need to talk to my mission pres is if it gets outta hand. Don't worry about your baby boy mom, I'm good. hahahahaha! I was gunna get a haircut but then I decided not to, so the target stuff was for deo and soap and then I realized I needed more shaving cream and lotion. So that's why there are like 2 purchases from Target.

I'm glad to hear about eeryone is basically starting school though! Especially you! gunna finish your education! Youre already almost a senior already? WOOTWOOT! Work hard get money! like a boss! hahahah!

I haven't gotten your box it's prolly just sitting in the mission home until someone decides to pick it up! Keep reading the Book of Mormon! I pray for all of you too! Thank you for your words of encouragement!!! Love you!!!!

~Elder Meier

Subject: Stuck Inside all week

Well HI!!!

This week was a pretty hard week for me.  We only taught 2 lessons. So honestly i've got nothing to report really. Sorry this is gunna be one of the most boring emails ever.

The two days that we did kinda get to go out was Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday we had a doctors appointment .  Then we went and had dinner with the G. family! I love them they are so funny, the speak Spanish all the time about me and my eyebrows. On Wednesday we went on exchanges, I stayed in Alameda with Elder H. We literally walked the entire day! It was a good time! Our feet were really tired though, like extremely painful! We met some really nice people though, like this guy named E.! We met him in front of a Catholic church (which is against the rules to proselyte in front of another place of worship) but we thought it was okay because he started the conversation with us! It ended up being a really cool experience for me though. We were talking with E. about the Book of Mormon (which we gave him

a copy) and then we invited him to Church! So then we got started on what we did at church, and I had a feeling that I should mention we sing hymns! So I did and E, asked "what kinda of hymns can you give me an example" so I sang a solo to E. ( Praise to the Man)Then he thought for a second and he said he was interested,because he loves singing! So he wants to meet with us sometime!!! that was cool! But also on Wednesday while we were walking around in a neighborhood, some girls flashed us as they drove by. :( It really made me sad that people would do that to Missionaries. But, we got over it. At dinner though we had steak!!!! I have eaten so well in Alameda! I'm like 180 pounds again! But I kinda have a gut! LOL The rest of the week we have just sat indoors so it kinda sucked.

Sorry this email isn't very interesting. I love you ALL!!!!!! MISS YOU!!!!

Sorry I get on so early, we cant email very long Sen. Comp wants to get it done early so we can have the rest of the day to prepare and stuff!!!! Which I support! I'm doing well! I've enjoyed serving so far! It's been hard here and there but nothing I can't handle with the Lords help! I love those stories! They are amazing because you showed your maturity in a trial. You found a way to benefit from the trial! It is always refreshing to hear that you would do missionary work as well! It's also really cool how everything worked out for your friend and stuff!!! I have read J. letter and it was awesome. I guess I feel like that sometimes too and I remind myself that I am here for different reasons than others. I might just be someone who plants the seed in others! I'm okay with that. I know that as long as I try my hardest I will be happy, and I am!!!
I love you and Miss you!
-Elder Meier

Sept 15 No time!!!

Hey y'all!

So basically Elder H. already has a plan for us today. We are only gunna be on here for like 15 minutes because he planned for us to go to the zoo, and do other stuff. So I can't email you very long. Sorry, We just have other stuff we apparently have to do right now. He is the senior companion. But there is nothing I can do about it. It is good for me to learn to have patience. Emailing was all I could think of this morning, but because we went and did service for an elderly man, we got here late to email and the sisters are waiting. Plus.there are other things that have to get done. If i could I would stay here all day. This is hopefully a one time thing!

Dad knows the gig. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. i'll try to send letters this week. Email is really the last thing on our to do list. We still have to shop, haircuts, clean, and really prep before the end of the day! Sorry! I hate it too..but I'm going to the haircut place and I don't know what to say to the people cutting my hair for the style you had it when I went to the MTC what would you call it?

This week was just the same as last week. Except we finally committed someone to be baptized!! B. committed to be baptized last Saturday! He is planning on being baptized on Oct. 21!!! We are so excited for him!!!! I also saw some crazy stuff in Oakland! Like a gang shooting a music video!!!!! IT was a good time!!! Well this is all the time Elder H. is allowing us! Ok well transfers are next week!!!!

Elder Meier

September 22

Hey Family!

How are you guys doing?! I’m doing really well! I just started reading Jesus the Christ and I’m super interested in it! It is a super cool book full of interesting concepts and facts! So transfers are tomorrow and I am staying here with Elder H! It’s pretty cool to be staying and not having to pack, I guess there is just more for me to learn from Elder H. We are doing our best to get along. We basically are just 2 different people. the 2 sisters in our area are leaving. Sis. M. is going to the Oakland 9th ward which is literally downtown Oakland, and then Sis. M. is going to the San Francisco Samoan ward which is San Francisco the peninsula, so Dad if you are ever there look for two sister missionaries and say HI! And maybe even feed them lunch!!! It’s sad that we are all separating because we were actually really close I learned a lot from them and it’ll be very different without them. 2 visitor center sisters are going to be taking there place, and 1 of them is going to be a greenie so it’ll be pretty interesting here.

I’m still having communication issues and everything, expectations are hard, it’s hard to read people’s minds and know what the plan is. It’s been kinda hard but I've learned a lot about patience and how to humble myself and just let people have their say, instead of me always having to be right. I feel like I am growing a lot from this experience and I’m struggling but happy, still it’s just a really different type of experience when two people have to learn to get along in a positive way all the time. I'm praying I know how to apply this to me so I can change too.

Last week was kind of a change, we did a lot of service for members in our ward! There is a new program being started in the mission called Just Serve. Basically we are required to have 10 hours of service each week, hopefully for non-members. I guess the reasoning behind it is to debunk the rumor that Mormons only serve Mormons. I like doing service; it provides a little spice into my life. Haha! So last week we helped Bro. M. paint his house, it was fun because I had never painted an entire house before. In fact, until coming out on my mission, I’ve never seen a house being repainted in Utah. But in Alameda there are like 3 houses on every street being redone! We painted his house a nice beige color! We also helped Bro. H. make a shed! We got to use a blow torch, and drills! We got it done in like 2 hours so we are basically the fastest shed makers out there! At least that’s what Bro. H. said! I have pictures of some of them, so I will send them to you sometime later today.

Something I found interesting in my studies the other day was in 1 Nephi 8 when Lehi is describing his vision of the Tree of Life. I was reading verses 11-15, and I thought it was really cool that Lehi was doing his own missionary work! When he partakes of the fruit he realizes that the fruit is the best, and he instantly desires that his family should partake of the fruit as well! So he casts his eyes about, and when he finds them he beckons unto them and calls them with a loud voice to partake of the fruit. We can all apply this example of missionary work in our lives today. We have this amazing fruit (the gospel) in our life and it makes us happy, much like the fruit made Lehi happy. We need to cast our eyes about and beckon those who don’t have this amazing gospel, to try it. We need to be our own member missionaries and look for those you love in your life that could benefit from hearing your testimony and feel the happiness it brings to you. So WILL all of you do that this week? Cool. I found that scripture very interesting because I had never look at that chapter before and thought it could be related to missionary work.

Any way…. I am doing great! I still love it here! Love and miss you all!!!!

2nd Thessalonians 3:16-18,

Elder Meier

P.S. Could y’all send your favorite scriptures to me? I wanna mark them in my scriptures!