Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Renewed Focus

Hey Everyone,

     I have been doing a lot better this last week! Wasn't General Conference the bomb!!!!!????Oh it was so cool! I had never been so excited for conference before! I have literally like 10 pages of notes!!! I had all of my questions answered and I had a lot of things to think about! So it was a very amazing experience to be able to hear from the Prophet of the Lord! To be honest I had no idea about Elder Bednar growing up in Oakland, so thanks, now I do!!! HAHA That’s awesome!! I am glad everyone was able to learn from Conference! I pray that they will be able to apply what they have learned!

     Let’s see this week went pretty well, we are trying to focus a lot on service so we tried really hard to find some service opportunities! So on Tuesday we actually went to a food bank and asked if there was any way that we could help out and they said that there was! It turns out in November through December it gets really busy and so they are always looking for extra people to help out and do some of the jobs! So we signed up and gave them our info and we got the whole "orientation" thing and we are now officially able to help at any food bank! WOOT WOOT!!! After that, we helped Bro. D, one of our ward mission leaders; pack up his house because he has to move :( The person that owns the property wants to do something else with the stuff so he kicked out like 2 families off the property. It is sad, but I guess that's how it works in Cali. He is looking for a place to stay in Alameda but he might have to move to San Lorenzo! :( It sucks
because he is rumored to be the best WML in the entire mission.

     On Wednesday we had the Zone Conference, Elder Hamula was supposed to come but since he spoke in general conference he obviously had to postpone that. So we had a short 3 hour conference, we talked about really just house keeping things like cleaning, service rules, and washing our hands and being healthy. But, we also got to watch Meet the Mormons!!!! We got to see it before it came out in theaters! #blessed! It was seriously such a cool movie! You all better go and watch it! I seriously laughed and cried! It was the coolest thing ever! The movie will get a lot of people interested in our church and it will hasten the work a lot!

     Thursday we really only mowed a ladies lawn, it took like 10 minutes because her lawn was as big as my room back home, and it was just dirt. But we didn't want to argue because if she wanted her dirt mowed, so help me it was gunna get mowed! HAHAHA!

     Friday was just normal and weekly planning. Saturday we obviously went to General Conference!!!! We watched the first session at Bro. D's and then we watched the afternoon session at B's scuba shop, so it made for an interesting afternoon Saturday session! Then the priesthood session at the church.

     Sunday: We watched conference all day! It was nice; we could relax and just get guidance from the Lord. I am so grateful for General Conference now, like I took it for granted back home. But it is such a blessing to have the guidance of a Prophet on this Earth today!!!
     YEAH I know Elder H! I ran into him the first day! He is with Elder BB from the MTC!!! I also stalked Elder H's blog the night I got my mission call! I also told him that! So he might think I am weird now! But he was in my mission, so I had to!!  LOL! But AHHH IM SO PROUD OF OLY AND QUINN!!!!! THAT IS SO EXCITING FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!! I WISH I COULD BE THERE WATCHING HIM!!!!

I kind of suck at writing hand written letters right now. So I will try to do better, I know I am behind on that!!

So my  interview with Pres. this week was good! We had a lot of things to talk about but we figured it out and he answered all of my questions and stuff! I love him! He is such a great and amazing guy! For the Zone conference we just have like 3 Zones from the mission get together. So not the entire mission. The new sister missionaries are really nice! Sister L.  is like super-duper nice, like preschool teacher nice! Which is fun!! And then Sister A. is really mellow so they are kind of opposite but they get along really well! Alameda is actually super cute! It has the coolest looking house and the coolest paint jobs on them! Some have like swirly designs on them and others have like cool observatory towers and stuff! I think it is Victorian. I attached a picture of one of the houses I ride by everyday! So it's quite the place! We do have a view of San Fran from Crown Beach!  It's really pretty!!!

Okay last thing yes I saw the Blog!!!! IT loooks sooo cute!!! HAHAHA I love it! thank you!!! I actually ran into Elder A on Wednesday! He has gotten taller! I had to get on my tip toes just to hug him!

So concerning what I need from you I honestly think I am good for right now! Thank you for always being ready to help me out though!

I am still motivated to do the right thing, even in this current situation, and to work hard! Sometimes I get off track during my studies, but I am trying to focus on a single topic each week and work on really understanding the doctrine behind it and the way I can better teach it. So I have been trying hard to become the best person and missionary I can be!

I hope all is well back home! I love you and miss you!!!!

-Elder Meier

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