Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Friday, February 20, 2015

8 Months Mark and First Baptism!! WOOT WOOT!!

Hey Everyone!!
Hi I am doing grrrreat!!! Sounds like everyone is doing fine!!! I myself perfect as usual! I have been trying to say thank you and all that jazz as much as possible but sometimes it gets really hard!!! Hearing all of you doing all that fun stuff in St. George makes me excited to go down there for school!!! BUT PLEASE BE SAFE ON ANGELS LANDING!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Temple was amazing! I seriously love going there all the time! Just the peace and tranquility that it provides. It's like exactly how I feel our journey really is. We go through life learn all these things and then practice all these things we learn. During the whole time you are nervous you are doing the right things. Then it's time to return and you get super nervous! Then you make it through. Instantly it's just a feeling of relief. Like literally the weight of life and the test is finally lifted off and you can relax. That's just how I feel the celestial room is. It is a small glimpse of what our life after this can become!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

The Baptism went really well it was AMAZING!!! It's good to finally have a baptism or two under my belt. It makes me feel like I can make a difference in the world. But lemme tell you, organizing baptisms is the most stressful thing I have ever had to do! Probably worse than planning any school dance/event or something!! Cause you have to plan for adults to help .. but it's the missionaries job. You know??? But it worked out in the end!!!  We needed to make it as spiritual as possible for the parents too, so we just prayed and did what we felt was necessary. The Spirit was so strong that the mom was crying and it was just a beautiful moment!!! AHHH I just love being out here. I can't believe I've already been out 8 months!!!

So I served in East Oakland for a day. HOLY CRAP!!!! FUNNEST TIME EVER!!!  I was literally like the only white guy walking around! HAHA!!! So the weird stick thing actually protection from pit bulls that are inside peoples fences!!!! The other picture is of the TURN-UP BUS!!! ;) Last picture is of the two sisters we baptized!! S*** and ****!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

Sad picture in San Lorenzo :(
Remember Gallitas Tatum????
The Knife on a stick
MY FAVORITE CUP AND DOG Thanks for the Valentines...XOXOXO

Monday, February 9, 2015

Knowing Jesus Christ

February 2, 2014
Hey Y'all!!!
That is a really funny story actually!! I think that is awesome they used our picture for the program!! HAHAHA!! Elder H and I were kind of shocked....Elder H said he hates that picture haha! HAHA But oh well! Can't always look good in every picture right?? I kind of like the way you do my insta stuff too! Keeps it all quick and easy!Thanks for doing that.
I got your letters so I will try to respond to them sometime this week. We get really busy sometimes and letters, no offense, are sometimes at the bottom of the list. Like I constantly have to clean the apartment or be planning something of some sort. But I will try my hardest this week!

This last week had it's up and downs definitely. But I am glad you are feeling a little better! I was really worried for you! I hate it when you get sick, because it always seems like it's really bad whenever it happens!!! I guess Satan just tries to attack the most valiant of saints! There has been a Flu bug going around the Ward here as well! It's crazy! Everyone is getting sick! Not me though! Too strong for dat ;) Dang, the house is looking pretty good! I am impressed! Slowly but surely the house will be complete!! I can't wait to finally see when the house will be finally done :) If it will ever get done! HAHA! I really like the bathroom! For some reason I like the color of the wood and the sink definitely adds a nice touch to it all! 

 I am super proud of Tatum and Quinn for their hard work at school! They sound like they are doing some great things!!! I hope there are some cool things at Dixie too! lemme know how it is! Take pictures for me!!! :) I am kind of surprised about the snow though. Kinda of weird that Utah hasn't gotten much snow in the valley since Christmas. I bet you get some in the next few weeks though. Norcal is supposed to get some rain this Friday maybe it'll come over Utah and drop some snow! The weather is perfect right now! mid 60's! Living in paradise! 

Me and Elder H are staying together! I got your story about the Pioneers! I really want to see the video, I don't know if you can send it but I will read the article! It seems really cool! I think I am going start bragging about my pioneer ancestors :) Haha!! Its crazy how we never knew a lot of those facts... or that we never heard them. I do know about Holladays being our family, but I didn't know about Jacob De Graw... cool stuff!! And I loved the story about the Meier side.... that must have been hard for her to lose her husband like that, but a blessing for all of us for sure. They sacrificed so much for this gospel. I am glad we can honor them, by living it.

We had a Good/Bad week. Why was it a bad week? Well, Tuesday Elder H broke his bike and we had to take the whole day to fix it , Then on Wednesday and Thursday he was sick with the Flu, there has been a pretty bad Flu being spread around for the last week. Then on Friday, my bike broke pretty darn bad. Like something snapped off the frame! And someone needed to weld it back together! But I literally just got a text that said my bike was as good as new! But that was really hard. BUT THE GOOD THINGS ARE BETTER!!!! Although the hard things happened we saw miracles!!!!! So we have two sisters, their names are S*****and S***!  that are gonna get baptized on VALENTINES DAY!!!! WOOT WOOT!! S**** is 14 and S**** is 16!!!! They are so prepared and they are getting a ton of support from the Ward! They are just stalwarts in the Gospel already! Although their parents aren't members  but they gave their girls permission to be baptized! We are so excited! So IDK if I told you about T*****, but she is also getting taught the lessons. Anyway, we have been teaching her for like 2 weeks, solely for the purpose of practice for Elder H***. Well, just the other day Bro. O******* our 1st Councilor said she is actually reading the Book of Mormon and she is halfway through it, and that she is interested in becoming a member!!! We were seriously so shocked when he said that! So there are miracles all around us!!!! I love it here!!! We were able to teach 5 members present lessons! So we are really proud of that! 6 of our 'gators are all progressing beautifully! This Church is true!!!! 

We also got the chance to hear and shake hands with Elder Neil L. Andersen! It was an amazing experience just to be in the same room with one of the 12!! Let alone shake his hand! Holy MOLY! He is truly a servant of the Lord! The Spirit was so strong there! He testified of honesty being the foundation of spirituality. He also said that "We as members of this Church, should know more about Christ and his atonement more than anyone else!!! Because we have the Book of Mormon!" That is so true! As we discussed more about it with Elder Andersen he said that The Book of Mormon tells us more about the effects and eternal power the Atonement truly has in our lives! It's something that I have been studying and striving to have written in my heart for a while now! It was definitely a testimony builder for me to have been able to feel the power of the Atonement and the opportunity to have been with one of the Lords chosen servants!

Well that's it! Love you and Miss you all!!! KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS!!!!!

Elder Meier

[ readers here is a short film about a group of Mormon youth retracing the steps of their ancestors who were Mormon Pioneers] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8gaOCY1FyM

Seafood Miracles..

January 19th,2015
Some Members gave us these and we cooked them!!

Its a Miracle I made this for lunch, a member gave us this seafood!!

Oakland Temple
Dear Family,

Well this week was a pretty darn good week indeed! 
We didn't teach as many lessons as we would have liked but still very awesome! I feel like I am becoming very close to this ward very quickly! This ward is seriously sooooo nice! I love them! They are always willing to help out and find people for us to teach! I would love to give some sermon about how I know the mission is changing me but it would take much too long for me to write that. Just know that it is changing me! :) 

This last week we dropped J*** :( she was the Buddhist. We think it was because of her boyfriend and family. She was doing really well but just those outside forces (satan ) make it really hard for people to progress.....
But we were able to add 2 new 'gators!  T****y and M*****n! They are friends of the O********s, the family that let us skype at their home!  The O******y family is a really solid family and I really love them! I will never forget them! But anyway, ya T*****y  has a cool accent! I love how in this area I have taught a Vietnamese, a few Mexicans, Norwegian, Irish, and straight Africans all in a single area! I love it! So fun!!!!
Elder H**** is great, I think he  is doing awesome! He is a very solid missionary. 
We had a miracle come to pass yesterday! So there have been 2 sisters that come to our ward every week, they are 14 and 16. They aren't members because their parents wouldn't let them. But randomly yesterday they asked their parents if they could get baptized and they said YES! So we are going start teaching them the lessons this week so we can get them baptized ASAP!!!! MIRACLE!!!!!!
I myself am doing really well, sometimes while we are at the apartment I start day dreaming about football and stuff, I get a little anxious to play. But I am trying to stay focused, and I know I am just missing stuff....But it's NBD! It'll come soon enough! I love being out here!!! Transfer calls are this Saturday! I am praying that Elder H and I stay!!!! Love you all and Miss you!!!!

Smooth like Butta

January 12th,
Dear Family,
Please don't worry about the subject line, it has nothing to do with my email....HAHA!Hey family!!So I am gunna have to apologize before hand. My email is going be fairly short again. I have decided I am only going do the highlights of the week! okay? OK.
So this week had a bunch of cool/weird things happen! Blessings and not so much blessings! But great learning experiences nonetheless. So we were able to find a new 'gator this week! His name is R********y! He is the father of our 1st Councilor, he has met with Missionaries before but they have never quite sealed the deal with him! We got the chance to meet with him so we could get Elder H some "practice" teaching real people without the stress of actually inviting and doing things. Well.....right when we started teaching it immediatly became a real lesson. R*** expressed that he feels this is the True Church! And Elder H and I were just super taken back! But R**** is super prepared! We are both really excited to have seen the miracle take place!!
The Other awesome experience we had this week was with J***!!! She was raised Buddhist but she has an understanding of Christian beliefs! To be honest she is more agnostic than anything, but anyway. We had asked her 2 lessons ago to pray to know if there really is a God! We came back and asked her and she said she felt a really warm and peaceful feeling in her heart after she finished praying! Elder H almost cried! We helped her understand that she got her answer through the Holy Ghost! That was cool...then she brought up that she did some research online and she ended up asking about the Gay standpoint, Birth Control, and Polygamy all in one lesson! But we resolved her concerns and she is progressing really well! 
I got your package and I am very thankful for all of it! Really everything in there was exactly what I needed so thank you so much! I will respond to the letter in there as soon as possible! I am glad all of you are doing well! I hope you all continue to make good choices and follow the Prophet!!!! 
2nd Corinthians 13:11

P.S. Please start a food storage! Like a legit food storage! I feel like I should tell you that. IDK.

Teach When You Find, Find When You Teach

January 5th, 2015
Well this week was quite the experience! HAHA It was a good week full of adventures and miracles!!! I am doing great, I was able to find an awesome store that has great deals and some cool stuff!!! I found some khakis for $1!! How awesome is that?? #MIRACLE!!
So we were able to add a new 'gator this last week! Her name is J****e! She is a Buddhist but she knows a lot about Christian religion! We found her through tr acting and she let us come in and teach her! I had Elder H start the teaching so he can get practice with how to begin teaching and he is doing really well! She had a lot of concerns about the Bible so we answered her questions and then presented the.....drum roll please........BOOK OF MORMON!!!!  She seemed really interested in it and is going to read it! We are meeting with her on Tuesday!!!
On Friday we got the opportunity to have lunch with a homeless man and his friends. It was a very different experience, but a humbling experience nonetheless. He told us to meet him at a restaurant and he would feed us lunch. Well we went and we couldn't find him, but then we went outside and he was sitting in front with a small harp. He saw us and he said "please come step into my living room" which was just in front of this restaurant! We did and he began playing some hymns on the harp, and I am not gonna lie he was actually pretty good! We sat and listen to him for about 10 minutes. Then he introduced everyone. It was Elder H and I, M***w (The main homeless man) and his two friends. It was really cool, because he wanted to share his talent with people and he was happy where he was. His two friends ended up being very interested in the Gospel and we were able to teach them all about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation over lunch! It was fun! Definitely one for the journal!! Teach when you find, Find when you teach!
We were also able to teach Ar***a, she is awesome her parents aren't letting her get baptized. But she still is doing all the things she needs to be a member of the Church her Dad is really against it. But we are just trying to help her understand that she needs to be patient. The Lord will Provide!!
Something that kinda sucked was our hot water is randomly turning off, so one day I had to fill a pot with water and heat it and then pour it on me! HAHA! I't sucked...
That's the highlights for the week! I love all of you and hope you are doing awesome!

Elder Meier


Miscellaneous comments:

"Thanks mom, I love you!!! Thanks for all that you did for me, and all that you continue to do! You taught me so many valuable lessons! I wish I could thank you in person! I love you! I pray for you! And I miss you!"

"I love emailing to you too!!!! I miss you soo much! And thanks for everything you are doing for me, this is a blessing to be in the states!!!!!"

December 29th, 2014

December 29,2014

WE have like no time today!!

Hi Mommy! Yeah! Seeing all of you was seriously such a blessing! I was just happy to see all of you and talk with all of you again! You all seemed so happy and it comforted me!!!! I was really glad it was a productive Skype. Like I was kind of worried it might get kind of off topic but it was really good! So thanks for being prepared for the Skype Sesh! It was so fund to see everyone and it was the best Christmas ever!!

Love Elder Meier

December 22 Part 2 Saved by Hello...

Dear Family .... Here we go!! We can Skype  around
 noon! From the O****y family.. If there is any problem I can just call you from our
 phone! Yes we are pretty more or less safe in our area! We
 almost got jumped last night! So that was cool! But yeah
 fairly safe!! But Yeah we are okay! He never ended up doing it! We were walking down some street, and this guy starts walking behind us. He was mumbling and we kinda were freaked out. But we didn't know what to do, but while we were walking I accidentally dropped a pass a long card. So I turned around to pick it up, and right when I bent down to pick it up I felt like I should just say Hi to this person. So I look up and I see this buff  guy that smelled of weed and was obviously glazed! I said HI! and He was really taken back! And we started talking, and he was cussing and speaking Ebonics and stuff, but he ended up saying that He was gonna jump us, but since I said hey and since we were in white shirts and ties he decided not too! It was actually really scary!! Elder H***n is from Centennial Colorado! So that's pretty cool! He likes lifting weights and reading! Weird combo right? But that a lot like me!! so its going to be great!! 
Elder Meier

December 22 XMAS SKYPE

December 22, 2014


! I got the Information for the skype and everything! I am very excited to see all of you! I guess I won't include very much in this email about last week cuz I can tell you on Thursday :))))))))))))))))))) We can have everyone in there as a group! So yeah! I seriously can't wait! These last 4 days have been amazing!!! Some pretty cool experiences!
Elder Meier

December 15th, 2014 "A New Father"... haha AKA TRAINER

"I'm a Father"
December 15th

Dear Family,
Don't be alarmed by the subject title. I have some big news!! I am training a new missionary!!! I found out on Wednesday and I was so eager to tell you all! I am so nervous! I don't feel ready at all! I get my trainee on Wednesday! Last week I had a whole bunch of trainings for it and I am super nervous! Not to mention I am shotgunning to San Lorenzo! Shotgunning basically means 2 missionaries come in without any experience in the area. So it is even more stressful! I am seriously so nervous!

But in other news.... we had zone conference on Thursday and I saw Elder A****!!!! He was there and so I got pictures with him!! We also did a white elephant gift change in which I got an avengers wallet :) Elder O****n my MTC companion is replacing me here in San Ramon! So that's pretty funny! 
Since I am transferring I don't know when we will be skyping anymore! We have one more Pday to figure it out! haha that is just how it works i guess. I haven't been able to read your emails yet. I had to tell you the news first haha!! I also opened the packages and stuff! But I packed it all back in cause I am being transferred so I haven't gotten to use or cherish it all yet! But thank you so much for all the great stuff!! It is all perfect! THank you so much!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Elder Meier

December 8th 2014, Exchanges

Dec. 8th,2014
Hey Family,
How goes it? I hope all is well! I loved all those cute pictures of everyone!! Quinn is looking big and Tatum is as cute as ever!! It sounds like you all had a good week! I also hope you are all excited for Christmas!! I am kinda excited.....my first one away from home. So it'll be interesting! This week was definitely a doosie....in a semi-good way..I never have a lot of time to be detailed, even though I always plan my letters I never get out my  serious thoughts. But I will send them in my snail mail.

So the fun part! On Wednesday Elder H***le and I went on exchanges together!! HE IS SERIOUSLY SOOOO FUN! He is probably one of the coolest guys  in the mission. Elder H***le came into my area! We had a lot of serious talking, and laughed for a long time! That day was also Elder H*****s 18th month mark! So he has 6 months left! 
Anyway,  part of the time we helped out a guy, who is kind of a hoarder....so it was really hard....We had to like clean out some food in his garage that obviously had been eaten by rats...But at the same time it was really fun!!! He is an awesome guy! He makes me laugh all the time! We also had some guy offer us money! He wasn't LDS but he was a strong Christian guy! We helped him with his groceries and he was just like...do you want some money? But we said no, and he was like "we should have more kids like you in the World" IT SERIOUSLY MADE MY DAY! Just to know that we are really appreciated for our goodness! #LOVESERVICE!!!!

Well that's all I've got! Oh have you heard about the He is the Gift initiative? It's a really cool video online! the link is www.christmas.mormon.org! You need to share it with everyone!!! It's an amazing video!!! Focusing on how Christ is the first gift of Christmas and that Christ is the reason for this season!!!! 

I love all of you so much! I don't know what time we will skype but I will let you know next week!!!! ASAP!!! So can you email it?

-Elder Meier

December 1st 2014 Christmas Activities

Hey Mother, Father, Sisters, and Brother!!!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and Bday, Quinn!!!! Since I wasn't actually home I'm assuming you didn't have Thanksgiving!! This week was pretty darn good! I'll give y'all a low down of something’s that happened!

Wednesday. So, we finally got to see A***!! WOOT WOOT!! He asked us to come over, and he said "make sure to bring zee (cuz he has a German accent :D) lawn mower" So we helped with his lawn. He had us rake, weed, fix a fence, mow his lawn, and unclog his sink with a plunger!! We are basically the guys that can do everything now! It was really unique though, while one of us was mowing the lawn the other was talking with A***n trying to get to know him better and also teach him! It was fun to see that I could answer all of his questions and help him understand on my own, with the companionship of the spirit of course!!

Then on Thanksgiving we went to the S***'s for dinner! IT was SO fun! We were there for a really long time! We helped her put up her Christmas Lights and and organize her shed in the back! Then we ate dinner! I only ate 2 plates......I was kinda disappointed in myself. But we got the left overs so it was a good consolation prize! After dinner, we watched Music and the Spoken Word, and then we played Telestrations!!!! It is probably my favorite game now! I was laughing so hard the entire time!!

Yup, those were the 2 things that I enjoyed last week! Christmas is coming up soon!!! CRAZY! AND SAMANTHAS BDAY!!! But, I have thought of some things from Christmas....
-Casual shoes from home, like my creative recs or my burgundy or white vans
-card games for at least 2
-Cateye bike equipment thing
-wax seal ring and wax :)
- Music, conference talks
-short sleeved white shirts
-bike bump
-tennis racket from home...but one that fits!!

YEah sorry It took so long! I am sorry it was after black F .....But yeah! I MISS YOU ALL AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! SEE YOU SOON!!! #SKYPE!!  riday! Totally dropped the ball on that...That's all I can think of! Feel free to send other things as desired! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGES AND THE FOOD AND THE LETTERS AND EVERYTHING!!!!! That is crazy all the engagements and mission calls!! Life is moving too fast!!!

November 24th ~Random Phone Number ~Audio

Hey Family!!!

How are all of you doing?? I hope you are doing well! Cause I sure am! This week was a really fun week FULL of miracles and just good stuff! I am feeling really well but I am still very tired all the time haha!! It is getting harder and harder for me to want to wake up. But I do because I got to be obedient! Just being honest!! Plus,  I feel like I am getting kind of chunky again so I am going to run like every morning, some of my shirts don't even button up at the neck any more so I got to start slimming down :( But I think it is for a good cause!
 We don't have any new investigators but Elder F and I aren't too sad about that. We are meeting with a lot of less actives! Last night we met with one who is like 70 years old. He talked for like an hour and a half about all these self-defense weapons that he has! He then proceeded to show us how they work! IT was really funny! He ended up giving me one! It's called THE DEFENDER! It's pretty sweet; I keep it concealed on my person at all times now, just in case someone wants to throw down ;) 

It has been rainy all week so we had to limit something’s that we had to do! But on Wednesday when it rained all day we were on Exchanges. Elder A***o came to my area with me. IT rained all day and we were on bikes, with no set appointments. But I decided that we should go out anyway, in the pouring rain, on bikes. IT sucked. IN like 5 minutes we were drenched and dirty and cold. But we just kept on saying "FOR THE GOSPEL!!!" and we stayed motivated! We were out from 12-6 in the rain! But, we did see some miracles! We were walking around in a shopping plaza and we passed a UPS truck. Elder F***s and I have passed the truck and said hi to the UPS guy multiple times. But for some reason Elder A***o and I felt like we should talk to him about the gospel! So we did, and it turns out he was super interested in joining the church! He was so prepared! He had already read some of the Book of Mormon! So we got his information! The other miracle that day was I decided to text some random numbers in our phone, there was a contact in our phone named: M*** P., so I thought eh what the heck, I'll text her! We asked if she wanted to hear a message about Jesus Christ. She said she would love to! We were super stoked to hear that! So we got her info as well! Unfortunately both of those people live in the other areas. So we aren't able to teach them. But it is nice to know that we are helping people come closer to Christ! 

I can't think of anything to ask for, for Christmas. I was thinking like card games? IDK. Missionary stuff. HAHAHA What do missionaries usually ask for??