Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, February 9, 2015

December 8th 2014, Exchanges

Dec. 8th,2014
Hey Family,
How goes it? I hope all is well! I loved all those cute pictures of everyone!! Quinn is looking big and Tatum is as cute as ever!! It sounds like you all had a good week! I also hope you are all excited for Christmas!! I am kinda excited.....my first one away from home. So it'll be interesting! This week was definitely a doosie....in a semi-good way..I never have a lot of time to be detailed, even though I always plan my letters I never get out my  serious thoughts. But I will send them in my snail mail.

So the fun part! On Wednesday Elder H***le and I went on exchanges together!! HE IS SERIOUSLY SOOOO FUN! He is probably one of the coolest guys  in the mission. Elder H***le came into my area! We had a lot of serious talking, and laughed for a long time! That day was also Elder H*****s 18th month mark! So he has 6 months left! 
Anyway,  part of the time we helped out a guy, who is kind of a hoarder....so it was really hard....We had to like clean out some food in his garage that obviously had been eaten by rats...But at the same time it was really fun!!! He is an awesome guy! He makes me laugh all the time! We also had some guy offer us money! He wasn't LDS but he was a strong Christian guy! We helped him with his groceries and he was just like...do you want some money? But we said no, and he was like "we should have more kids like you in the World" IT SERIOUSLY MADE MY DAY! Just to know that we are really appreciated for our goodness! #LOVESERVICE!!!!

Well that's all I've got! Oh have you heard about the He is the Gift initiative? It's a really cool video online! the link is www.christmas.mormon.org! You need to share it with everyone!!! It's an amazing video!!! Focusing on how Christ is the first gift of Christmas and that Christ is the reason for this season!!!! 

I love all of you so much! I don't know what time we will skype but I will let you know next week!!!! ASAP!!! So can you email it?

-Elder Meier

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