Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, February 9, 2015

Knowing Jesus Christ

February 2, 2014
Hey Y'all!!!
That is a really funny story actually!! I think that is awesome they used our picture for the program!! HAHAHA!! Elder H and I were kind of shocked....Elder H said he hates that picture haha! HAHA But oh well! Can't always look good in every picture right?? I kind of like the way you do my insta stuff too! Keeps it all quick and easy!Thanks for doing that.
I got your letters so I will try to respond to them sometime this week. We get really busy sometimes and letters, no offense, are sometimes at the bottom of the list. Like I constantly have to clean the apartment or be planning something of some sort. But I will try my hardest this week!

This last week had it's up and downs definitely. But I am glad you are feeling a little better! I was really worried for you! I hate it when you get sick, because it always seems like it's really bad whenever it happens!!! I guess Satan just tries to attack the most valiant of saints! There has been a Flu bug going around the Ward here as well! It's crazy! Everyone is getting sick! Not me though! Too strong for dat ;) Dang, the house is looking pretty good! I am impressed! Slowly but surely the house will be complete!! I can't wait to finally see when the house will be finally done :) If it will ever get done! HAHA! I really like the bathroom! For some reason I like the color of the wood and the sink definitely adds a nice touch to it all! 

 I am super proud of Tatum and Quinn for their hard work at school! They sound like they are doing some great things!!! I hope there are some cool things at Dixie too! lemme know how it is! Take pictures for me!!! :) I am kind of surprised about the snow though. Kinda of weird that Utah hasn't gotten much snow in the valley since Christmas. I bet you get some in the next few weeks though. Norcal is supposed to get some rain this Friday maybe it'll come over Utah and drop some snow! The weather is perfect right now! mid 60's! Living in paradise! 

Me and Elder H are staying together! I got your story about the Pioneers! I really want to see the video, I don't know if you can send it but I will read the article! It seems really cool! I think I am going start bragging about my pioneer ancestors :) Haha!! Its crazy how we never knew a lot of those facts... or that we never heard them. I do know about Holladays being our family, but I didn't know about Jacob De Graw... cool stuff!! And I loved the story about the Meier side.... that must have been hard for her to lose her husband like that, but a blessing for all of us for sure. They sacrificed so much for this gospel. I am glad we can honor them, by living it.

We had a Good/Bad week. Why was it a bad week? Well, Tuesday Elder H broke his bike and we had to take the whole day to fix it , Then on Wednesday and Thursday he was sick with the Flu, there has been a pretty bad Flu being spread around for the last week. Then on Friday, my bike broke pretty darn bad. Like something snapped off the frame! And someone needed to weld it back together! But I literally just got a text that said my bike was as good as new! But that was really hard. BUT THE GOOD THINGS ARE BETTER!!!! Although the hard things happened we saw miracles!!!!! So we have two sisters, their names are S*****and S***!  that are gonna get baptized on VALENTINES DAY!!!! WOOT WOOT!! S**** is 14 and S**** is 16!!!! They are so prepared and they are getting a ton of support from the Ward! They are just stalwarts in the Gospel already! Although their parents aren't members  but they gave their girls permission to be baptized! We are so excited! So IDK if I told you about T*****, but she is also getting taught the lessons. Anyway, we have been teaching her for like 2 weeks, solely for the purpose of practice for Elder H***. Well, just the other day Bro. O******* our 1st Councilor said she is actually reading the Book of Mormon and she is halfway through it, and that she is interested in becoming a member!!! We were seriously so shocked when he said that! So there are miracles all around us!!!! I love it here!!! We were able to teach 5 members present lessons! So we are really proud of that! 6 of our 'gators are all progressing beautifully! This Church is true!!!! 

We also got the chance to hear and shake hands with Elder Neil L. Andersen! It was an amazing experience just to be in the same room with one of the 12!! Let alone shake his hand! Holy MOLY! He is truly a servant of the Lord! The Spirit was so strong there! He testified of honesty being the foundation of spirituality. He also said that "We as members of this Church, should know more about Christ and his atonement more than anyone else!!! Because we have the Book of Mormon!" That is so true! As we discussed more about it with Elder Andersen he said that The Book of Mormon tells us more about the effects and eternal power the Atonement truly has in our lives! It's something that I have been studying and striving to have written in my heart for a while now! It was definitely a testimony builder for me to have been able to feel the power of the Atonement and the opportunity to have been with one of the Lords chosen servants!

Well that's it! Love you and Miss you all!!! KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS!!!!!

Elder Meier

[ readers here is a short film about a group of Mormon youth retracing the steps of their ancestors who were Mormon Pioneers] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8gaOCY1FyM

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