Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, February 9, 2015

Seafood Miracles..

January 19th,2015
Some Members gave us these and we cooked them!!

Its a Miracle I made this for lunch, a member gave us this seafood!!

Oakland Temple
Dear Family,

Well this week was a pretty darn good week indeed! 
We didn't teach as many lessons as we would have liked but still very awesome! I feel like I am becoming very close to this ward very quickly! This ward is seriously sooooo nice! I love them! They are always willing to help out and find people for us to teach! I would love to give some sermon about how I know the mission is changing me but it would take much too long for me to write that. Just know that it is changing me! :) 

This last week we dropped J*** :( she was the Buddhist. We think it was because of her boyfriend and family. She was doing really well but just those outside forces (satan ) make it really hard for people to progress.....
But we were able to add 2 new 'gators!  T****y and M*****n! They are friends of the O********s, the family that let us skype at their home!  The O******y family is a really solid family and I really love them! I will never forget them! But anyway, ya T*****y  has a cool accent! I love how in this area I have taught a Vietnamese, a few Mexicans, Norwegian, Irish, and straight Africans all in a single area! I love it! So fun!!!!
Elder H**** is great, I think he  is doing awesome! He is a very solid missionary. 
We had a miracle come to pass yesterday! So there have been 2 sisters that come to our ward every week, they are 14 and 16. They aren't members because their parents wouldn't let them. But randomly yesterday they asked their parents if they could get baptized and they said YES! So we are going start teaching them the lessons this week so we can get them baptized ASAP!!!! MIRACLE!!!!!!
I myself am doing really well, sometimes while we are at the apartment I start day dreaming about football and stuff, I get a little anxious to play. But I am trying to stay focused, and I know I am just missing stuff....But it's NBD! It'll come soon enough! I love being out here!!! Transfer calls are this Saturday! I am praying that Elder H and I stay!!!! Love you all and Miss you!!!!

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