Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, February 9, 2015

December 22 Part 2 Saved by Hello...

Dear Family .... Here we go!! We can Skype  around
 noon! From the O****y family.. If there is any problem I can just call you from our
 phone! Yes we are pretty more or less safe in our area! We
 almost got jumped last night! So that was cool! But yeah
 fairly safe!! But Yeah we are okay! He never ended up doing it! We were walking down some street, and this guy starts walking behind us. He was mumbling and we kinda were freaked out. But we didn't know what to do, but while we were walking I accidentally dropped a pass a long card. So I turned around to pick it up, and right when I bent down to pick it up I felt like I should just say Hi to this person. So I look up and I see this buff  guy that smelled of weed and was obviously glazed! I said HI! and He was really taken back! And we started talking, and he was cussing and speaking Ebonics and stuff, but he ended up saying that He was gonna jump us, but since I said hey and since we were in white shirts and ties he decided not too! It was actually really scary!! Elder H***n is from Centennial Colorado! So that's pretty cool! He likes lifting weights and reading! Weird combo right? But that a lot like me!! so its going to be great!! 
Elder Meier

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