Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, February 9, 2015

November 24th ~Random Phone Number ~Audio

Hey Family!!!

How are all of you doing?? I hope you are doing well! Cause I sure am! This week was a really fun week FULL of miracles and just good stuff! I am feeling really well but I am still very tired all the time haha!! It is getting harder and harder for me to want to wake up. But I do because I got to be obedient! Just being honest!! Plus,  I feel like I am getting kind of chunky again so I am going to run like every morning, some of my shirts don't even button up at the neck any more so I got to start slimming down :( But I think it is for a good cause!
 We don't have any new investigators but Elder F and I aren't too sad about that. We are meeting with a lot of less actives! Last night we met with one who is like 70 years old. He talked for like an hour and a half about all these self-defense weapons that he has! He then proceeded to show us how they work! IT was really funny! He ended up giving me one! It's called THE DEFENDER! It's pretty sweet; I keep it concealed on my person at all times now, just in case someone wants to throw down ;) 

It has been rainy all week so we had to limit something’s that we had to do! But on Wednesday when it rained all day we were on Exchanges. Elder A***o came to my area with me. IT rained all day and we were on bikes, with no set appointments. But I decided that we should go out anyway, in the pouring rain, on bikes. IT sucked. IN like 5 minutes we were drenched and dirty and cold. But we just kept on saying "FOR THE GOSPEL!!!" and we stayed motivated! We were out from 12-6 in the rain! But, we did see some miracles! We were walking around in a shopping plaza and we passed a UPS truck. Elder F***s and I have passed the truck and said hi to the UPS guy multiple times. But for some reason Elder A***o and I felt like we should talk to him about the gospel! So we did, and it turns out he was super interested in joining the church! He was so prepared! He had already read some of the Book of Mormon! So we got his information! The other miracle that day was I decided to text some random numbers in our phone, there was a contact in our phone named: M*** P., so I thought eh what the heck, I'll text her! We asked if she wanted to hear a message about Jesus Christ. She said she would love to! We were super stoked to hear that! So we got her info as well! Unfortunately both of those people live in the other areas. So we aren't able to teach them. But it is nice to know that we are helping people come closer to Christ! 

I can't think of anything to ask for, for Christmas. I was thinking like card games? IDK. Missionary stuff. HAHAHA What do missionaries usually ask for?? 

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