Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, February 9, 2015

Smooth like Butta

January 12th,
Dear Family,
Please don't worry about the subject line, it has nothing to do with my email....HAHA!Hey family!!So I am gunna have to apologize before hand. My email is going be fairly short again. I have decided I am only going do the highlights of the week! okay? OK.
So this week had a bunch of cool/weird things happen! Blessings and not so much blessings! But great learning experiences nonetheless. So we were able to find a new 'gator this week! His name is R********y! He is the father of our 1st Councilor, he has met with Missionaries before but they have never quite sealed the deal with him! We got the chance to meet with him so we could get Elder H some "practice" teaching real people without the stress of actually inviting and doing things. Well.....right when we started teaching it immediatly became a real lesson. R*** expressed that he feels this is the True Church! And Elder H and I were just super taken back! But R**** is super prepared! We are both really excited to have seen the miracle take place!!
The Other awesome experience we had this week was with J***!!! She was raised Buddhist but she has an understanding of Christian beliefs! To be honest she is more agnostic than anything, but anyway. We had asked her 2 lessons ago to pray to know if there really is a God! We came back and asked her and she said she felt a really warm and peaceful feeling in her heart after she finished praying! Elder H almost cried! We helped her understand that she got her answer through the Holy Ghost! That was cool...then she brought up that she did some research online and she ended up asking about the Gay standpoint, Birth Control, and Polygamy all in one lesson! But we resolved her concerns and she is progressing really well! 
I got your package and I am very thankful for all of it! Really everything in there was exactly what I needed so thank you so much! I will respond to the letter in there as soon as possible! I am glad all of you are doing well! I hope you all continue to make good choices and follow the Prophet!!!! 
2nd Corinthians 13:11

P.S. Please start a food storage! Like a legit food storage! I feel like I should tell you that. IDK.

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