Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, February 9, 2015

December 15th, 2014 "A New Father"... haha AKA TRAINER

"I'm a Father"
December 15th

Dear Family,
Don't be alarmed by the subject title. I have some big news!! I am training a new missionary!!! I found out on Wednesday and I was so eager to tell you all! I am so nervous! I don't feel ready at all! I get my trainee on Wednesday! Last week I had a whole bunch of trainings for it and I am super nervous! Not to mention I am shotgunning to San Lorenzo! Shotgunning basically means 2 missionaries come in without any experience in the area. So it is even more stressful! I am seriously so nervous!

But in other news.... we had zone conference on Thursday and I saw Elder A****!!!! He was there and so I got pictures with him!! We also did a white elephant gift change in which I got an avengers wallet :) Elder O****n my MTC companion is replacing me here in San Ramon! So that's pretty funny! 
Since I am transferring I don't know when we will be skyping anymore! We have one more Pday to figure it out! haha that is just how it works i guess. I haven't been able to read your emails yet. I had to tell you the news first haha!! I also opened the packages and stuff! But I packed it all back in cause I am being transferred so I haven't gotten to use or cherish it all yet! But thank you so much for all the great stuff!! It is all perfect! THank you so much!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Elder Meier

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