Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Yawk

Dearest Family and Friends,

I'm writing this epistle from the great land of Antioch! Or less formally known as The Yawk. Pretty gangsta right? I think it is pretty funny, especially if you say like you are Lil John! HAHA! Anyway, this week was pretty stressful. Like so stressful for me I started breaking out! But no worries everyone I got all under control (the acne) :) JK anyway seriously a lot of things happened!
To start off....About my area, So we cover the entire stake. Which includes like 5 or 6 cities Antioch, Pittsburg, Oakley, Brentwood, Byron, and Bay Point. Huge area! So it's awesome getting to drive around every where! I would also like to add that we drive a truck, which is a 2015 Nissan Frontier! We get the truck because we are so far away from the mission home that we don't go up there very much so we have a ton of stuff for the missionaries in our zone!
It's really stressful being a ZL (in a good way). Last night we stayed up late doing weekly reports for our zone, then we had to account to the AP's about the work in our zone too! So it's just a lot of accounting. We also go on exchanges with the AP's every transfer. Tonight we get to go on exchanges with them. So I am friggin excited!
Well, let's see what happened this week.......umm.
Tuesday: Transfer day! I got up to the mission home at like 9 and that was when Elder H and I split up with our new comps. Me and Elder B had to stay until 11 to make sure all of our companionship's in the zone left. So that sucked, having to tell people to leave. After that we taught a potential investigator named N**! She was super prepared so she became a new 'gator'! Totally open to what we were saying and she wanted to learn more! After that we had District Meeting.  Then Elder B and I had to go to the Stake Coordination meeting, HOLY CRAP it's the scariest thing ever (again in a good way)!!! We sit down with the Stake President, Mission President, High Councilor over missionary work, and like the Stake Secretary! We missionaries report to them about how the Zone is doing, and what the stake can do to help. It's scary in the moment, but when you walk out with all the important people you feel like a BOSS! (in a productive sorta way!!!)
Wednesday: We did service for like 3 hours! We go to a cemetery and weed whack all of the grass around the headstones! It was fun to be able to use all the heavy equipment and what not!  Then we taught some people! Good times! haha!

Thursday: teaching people!
Friday: planning!
Saturday: finding!
Sunday: gave a talk!
Now I am here!
I will have more to report next week as I get to know the area and get a hang of this ZL stuff!
~Elder Meier

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