Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, April 20, 2015

Translated from an Audio file From March 3 (around town)

“ Hey Family its Elder Meier, just hanging out Pday today… doing our emailing, writing some people and I thought I might as well do my audio recording for you. So it's week five of this transfer, so basically the next time you hear from me I will know whether we stay or go. We will learn are next area. So kind of scary. I think I might leave, Elder H might stay that’s just kind of what happens in a trainer trainee situation… but um ya, this week was really good –exciting….. so the training goes for two transfers. And for that its week eleven. It is when  the trainee, Elder H, basically  takes the lead for the entire week and he makes planning situations, teaching situations all that good stuff, he did a good job,  he had a pretty successful week.  We had some miracles that came to pass that we were really hoping for a praying for this week.     We were able to see A***** who is Filipino and single,  I think I have told you about her. She is awesome she has a real desire to make the right choice, she keeps on telling us “ I don’t want to convert and fall away. Like I want to come and be baptized and stay… like I want to be active and not just hang out”. She is trying to search and find out if it’s true or not. Then we have S*** on date for baptism but she isn’t progressing as fast as we thought,.  So we are just praying for the right inspiration.
But then a miracle happened, we were able to meet with S***, she is awesome she is former Catholic and then didn’t really believe that, and then she was a JW and then didn’t really make sense to her anymore. She has been searching, she is basically like some of our other really great investigators who are right on the edge they just have some family problems and so we talked about the 144000 high priests, the after life per her questions and then some lessons. She has a lot of health problems and she is worried about dying, but we were able to talk to her about that and address all of her concerns, it's just her husband is a against it, he is agnostic and he doesn’t see the need for them needing religion. She is older but lively, and so it makes our discussions with her a lot of  fun.
We were also able to see J**** he is a less active recent convert, and we have been able to teach him the new member lessons. He was baptized a year ago but didn’t have the new member lessons. So the new member lessons are a review of all the discussions for understanding and whatnot. He was kind of slipping and we were able to talk to him and get him to come back.. We think he might be getting into some anti-Mormon stuff..and that’s the kind of the stuff we have to work on with him.
Another miracle was E****, she  is a friend of one of our members, she went the the Meet the Mormons, two Saturdays ago with us and our ward. She loved it so much she went back and  brought most of her family. Her husband, her son, her younger daughter. She said “ I totally feel inspired and I want to change, and I feel like something is empty inside and I want to find out what it is…., and feel like this is the church! WE are just like “ yea we know and we can help you (excited voice) we.. are like “Christ can help you, we know the church is true!” We are going to meet with her this Wednesday with the J**** family, and we are super ,super ,super excited ; and so miracles are all around us!!! 
This ward is really an amazing ward and has a lot of great missionary minded members. They are full of charity, and who are full of love and patience,meekness,and real “ long suffering”  and they are just an awesome fun ward.
Speaking of fun…a fun thing that happened this week while walking home form church we saw a dead cat on the side of the road, I can’t send you the picture because I forgot my camera again . It’s a good one, I 'll send it this week. (tongue in cheek?sarcasm?)… But really, this morning we were going to go shop, and we left our apartment through the lobby and the manager said “you can’t go out that way, because there was a rabbid dog in the lobby and its bleeding, and we called animal control”, and so we look in and there's the dog just sitting there looking  ferocious “ a beast” (companion in the background) ya total beast mode. So ya…. only here, there is a terrifying dog walks into our lobby to kill us all. Um not really though, and they got it so we are good.
So a few of our crew…..“ H***y”, the guy that tried to jump us, he looked good this week when we saw him again ..he has like new clothes every day now. He had his  boat shoes on and he was all put to gether..but he is still crazy- like, he is the local “crackhead  local-guy” that we all know and love. We also, went to lunch with M****he is the guy who plays the mini harp around town. We talk to him about Tatum all the time, about how she plays the harp and what kind of harp she plays and so its cool. Small talk, but it was great.
I loved this week, but we are nervous about transfers though so that is kind of looming, and oh yeah I got all the stuff you sent, so we are all set!! Thanks for everything !! Such a great week, we passed our apartment inspections…. Um what else??? I  just love it here.,.. oh!! There is a stinkin' car here that looks like Tosh’s car!! It's so freaky…same paint color, same rust spots, same car… everything, its cool ya. But I always get caught off guard when I see it!! I hope all is going great, I hope Quinn is doing great and that the Rugby team is doing well. So ya Love you all so very much, I will see you on Mother’s day…and I will let you know transfers next time!  Love you all!! Bye! ~ Elder Meier signing off!! “

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