Best Zone right here
Hey family!
This week was pretty good as far as last week of the transfers go! We were able to see hecka miracles and bring some people closer to the baptismal font!!! Woot Woot! We were able to see E**** twice, S***, once, and the S*** sisters, and J*****z!   E****is just super solid. Totally committed to be a part of this church! She is feeling the spirit and is just soaking up all of the things we are teaching like a friggin sponge. Unfortunately Satan likes to work on people while they are so close. So on Friday I guess something happened with E***  So she got super shaken up by that, so on Saturday we taught her about the enabling power of the atonement and that Christ can help you through anything! So she felt really comforted! She was going to go to church but something came up. S*** is just a homie! She is older but so full of life! She has some sort of cancer, that is slowly growing or something. But she is super close to baptism, the only thing that is holding her back is her husband. So basically we have a bunch of people so close to baptism but we can't seal the deal until someone gets permission from someone. pfft.We randomly had a former investigator show up to church though! He was the guy who was ok with the terrestrial kingdom! haha! Umm Well.....turns out I'm district leader now.. kinda nervous kinda don't know what the freak I'm doing but yolo.