Well, this week was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I can't even begin to describe how incredibly amazing this week was. There was so much that was good and fun and right in the world. A real change of pace from the downer week last week.

So I'll start with the best: E***got Baptized!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a miracle. She is awesome. It was an amazing experience. We've taught her from the beginning. We went to was at the J****'s home and that is where we first met E*** (the J***'s are awesome people. they are a testimony that member missionary work is the best thing ever!!!! seriously, finding through members is the best.). From there, she came to watch "Meet the Mormons" with us twice, once by herself and then with her family. And then we started teaching her. She accepted the baptismal invitation on the first lesson and everything else just snowballed! She readily accepted the Book of Mormon, prayed about it, and sought out as much gospel knowledge as she could. She rocks. She has an amazing Spirit and a deep desire to do what is right. I am so blessed to have been lucky enough to have been here for it. They talk about in the Scriptures how the Lord prepares His children for His word. I know E*** is one of those people. 

I am glad everyone is doing well! Seriously sounds like life is going fantastic for everyone!!! But, transfers are next tuesday :( Chances are me and Elder H will get split up. BOOOO!!! But since we have been together for so long its probably time. But it happens. I am praying that we don't get split up though. It's been a very good time with him. Our Zone is TINY!!! We only have 2 districts in our zone due to emergency transfers so yeah. But we are probably going to get absorbed by the East Oakland zone! which are mostly Poly!
The leadership stuff is stressful! I have to call all of the companionship's in my district Sunday and Thursday night to see how they are doing. Then I have to call the Zone leaders on Sunday night to account to them on the district and everything. So usually on Sunday nights I don't get to bed until 11, which is tough. Then on Tuesday mornings I do a conference call with the other district leader and the zone leaders to do more accounting! HAHA! It is scary and hard and stressful!!! 

OH MY GOSH!! I gave my first baptismal interview on Thursday! It was probably the scariest thing I have done on my mission so far! It's super stressful because I have to make sure the people are worthy and prepared for baptism! aaahhh!!! It was so hard! 

Life is good! Living the life out here! Serving the Lord! Living in the hood ;) 

Love you all!! 
-Elder Meier