Well,this last week was rough. We got going so good two weeks ago and then it kinda collapsed. For various reasons we didn't see or do a ton of stuff with our investigators. :( Part of it was our problem. I got really sick. We had to call the nurse and she grounded us for two days. So yeah, we just slept, rested, read, and played games. Honestly, being sick on the mission sucks.  And then the rest of the week was rough. Our lessons cancelled on us. We were only able to teach one lesson, the rest fell though. So that is always a disappointing feeling. We try our best but it just didn't happen. We did try and we did our best, it just wasn't what we would have really liked to see. But oh well. Life moves on and forward. We are focusing on making this week better.

But there were some brighter spots. Like E**! She is still super solid and ready for Baptism. We are down to the last week before. So we are trying to get everything ready for her. It is a little stressful but it is so worth it to see her prepared and wanting to be baptized. She is awesome. We taught her Tithing and Fasting and showed her how to donate offerings. She was super receptive and even asked if she could have the offering slip so she could pay that Sunday after baptism. What?!?!?! Who asks for that? Crazy to see how the Lord will prepare His people. It is such a choice blessing to be able to work with her. I love to be able to witness the change the gospel. She really want this for herself and is doing all she can to grow closer to the Gospel. Seriously, awesome. I can't remember if I wrote this last week but when we taught her the Word of Wisdom she said that she drinks coffee but "If that is what Jesus wants me to give up, I can do it. He has done so much for me and that will be easy." and she has! Cold turkey. He older daughter tries to "tempt" :) her into having some, but she said no! Awesome that she is that strong and know that this is truth. Hopefully, all goes well and she can get baptized this Saturday, the 11th! Wahooo!!! That will be super awesome. Your prayers that this can all go well and according to planned would be appreciated.   

And General Conference was awesome. Really good talks, I thought. Seems like the Church is circling the wagons a little and trying to fortify the members. Always a good reminder to never get comfortable. Be actively seeking the wonders of the Gospel. I really liked Elder Holland and Oaks and Bishop Causse. We were in charge of setting up the projector for the stake for the sessions. Thankfully everything went well. It was cool to do some of the behind the scenes tech work. The usual guy was out of town so he asked us to do it. And it was cool to have Conference on Easter. Holidays as a missionary are weird. There really isn't a ton of build up or anything, its almost just another day on the calendar. We did have a nice breakfast at the O*****'s, props to them for that! But it was nice to have those nice talks about the Atonement and Jesus Christ on Easter. It was a nice missionary celebration, of sorts. What a blessing it is to know that we do have the Atonement. It is very real and is there for you and me. I love being able to talk to people about Jesus. It is hard but worth it. People need to know that there is this greater plan and purpose, and something that can make us stronger and better. 

Some of the conversations we've had have been interesting. J**** (the homeless guy we prayed with) and Q****c (our crazy neighbor) have struck up a little friendship. And we know them both so we get to talk to them a lot. Talking with them really is interesting. Q always has funny things to say. He calls us Mormon gangstas and tells us to keep kickin' butt! He is kinda a conspiracy theory guy and always has something to tell us about politics and warfare. Reminds me of the good ol' days of my pre-mission existance, hahaha :) He is pretty far out though. But if talking to us helps them and lifts their spirits a little it is well worth it. That is something I have been trying to work on: being more Christ-like and reaching out to those He would. I try. 

This was the week I should've accounted for but was sick...last week was awesome! We were able to see a lot of good things happen. I'll start with E****, our awesome investigator. She is progressing along very nicely. We are able to teach her twice a week and she does all the assignments that we give her and she came to church! She said that she really loved it. It was kind of an Easter themed meeting, so there were some really great talks on Jesus Christ and the Atonement. She said that those really spoke to her and that she really felt Spiritual. She also wanted to see what a LDS baptismal service was like, so we took her to a baptism that some missionaries in our district had. She really loved it too. It is all coming together nicely, and hopefully she can be baptized on the 11th of April. She is super prepared. The Lord really does open the hearts of those who are ready. It is so neat to be an instrument in His hands to be able to work out here in San Lorenzo. I love it a lot!!! 

We have had some more difficult times with some of our other investigators. We are trying to help them see what the role of the Book of Mormon is. We are trying to help them feel the Spirit about it, and foster some desire to read it. That is really where the answer lies. We don't want them to take what we say at face value. We want them to read and know for themselves the truthfulness of this message. It is hard to gain that testimony of the Book of Mormon when you don't read it! So we keep trying and pray that they can feel the Spirit of the message, which will motivate them to do their part and read it!

Well there you go! Hope you all have a grrreat week! 
love you and miss you!!!
Elder Meier