Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, April 20, 2015

Elder Pessimist


Hey everyone! This week was a slow one that's for sure! We just had a lot of meetings for learning and enlightenment! It was great and what I felt like I needed to hear! 

So a little clarification! I got my pants tailored because I was getting too tall, not fat. But that doesn't mean I am not gaining weight....so take that how you will! I am trying to lose but it's just hard with only 30 mins....

I am chugging along in the old testament! I just finished 1st Samuel! It was just a bunch of battles and people killing people. It was just cool to hear how they would interact with one another and how important it is to not kill one of the Lord's anointed. It is also really interesting to see, that even though David was totally loyal and very helpful to Saul. Saul would still try to kill David, and it shows how destructive pride really can be. 

The Week: 

Monday: So basically after every p-day this transfer something weird with homeless people happens! This time, while Elder H and I were walking home some guy yelled out the window, "*CUSS WORD* you Mormon scum!!!" Really loud. Did it hurt our feelings? No, no it did not! Wanna know why? Cause the Church is true! We actually felt bad for the guy. But anyway that isn't the story. So, right after that we continued walking along the road when some guy on a bike stops us and asks us to share him our message! This guy was obviously homeless and down on his luck. And at the time slightly unaccountable, but we tried to teach him something. He ended up wanting us to have a prayer with him and his "wife" so we could cast out some demons from her. So....in the middle of the sidewalk on a busy street we all held hands together and said a prayer! I'm sure it was the friggin weirdest sight to see! 2 homeless people and 2 missionaries! But it was a good time and I felt the spirit as we prayed. Haha! He told us he was on his mission too, but he was probably lying ;) 

Tuesday: Nothing really exciting happened. Just a bunch of no's! We found out one of our members is now catholic and stuff! So surprise!!!! He isn't mormon anymore! hahahahA! 

Wednesday: Today was Zone Conference, it is a big training meeting that goes from 9-4! It basically consists of 3 zones coming together to get trained on specific topics! It is seriously an amazing but really tiring thing! We get trained and then we practice, and then we get trained and then we practice! FOR LIKE 7 HOURS!!!! Then after that our whole day is shot! But I really like it because it helped me know what I can do to help some of our 'Gators progress! Cause we were kinda at a stand still with some of them! So it was truly inspired of the Lord! Oh also! I was used in one of the Senior Missionaries training! So she talked about how we need to talk back (talk positive) to negative thoughts! So she called the AP's and asked for an elder that wouldn't get offended if she had them be Elder Pessimist, and they said I would be good! So basically She called me and a sister up onto the stand, she gave me the "Elder Pessimist" sign and the sister the "Sister Optimist" and I had to say negative things and the sister would say positive things about a situation! Don't worry, I am not actually a pessimistic missionary ;) 

Thursday: We did some service! Basically me and Elder H can landscape a back yard in like 90 mins! Crazy right? We get the job D-O-N-E!!!!!! HAha! After that we got to teach E***! Which was awesome! But before E*** we ran into a man who was really curious about how church! Not really about what we believe, but rather who was on the council of the KJV translation. Then we tried to answer and relate it back but it all blew up in our face and he ended up getting mad at us and telling us we were leading people astray and that he was going to join the Islam religion. So yeah, he wasn't really searching he was asking dumb questions that don't really matter. Oh well! With E***, we felt like she wasn't really understanding everything we were teaching her, because English is her second language. So we gave her a Spanish BOM to read side by side with the English one. She was so excited! Right when we did that and read some scriptures with her the comprehension went up! It was amazing, she really is doing awesome now! We also taught Bro. H8888z he is a RC/LA he may or may not be getting into some anti Mormon stuff. So we are trying to battle that...which is hard but we are progressing! He had some questions about 2 Nephi 5 which is the skin questions. So that kinda confirms that he is into anti stuff. So we are just helping him....slowly but surely!!!

Friday: Weekly planning!!! WOOT WOOT! IT takes a long time. We basically plan our entire next week! It's nice but also kinda tedious. We got to talk to another homeless man! This time, he talks to me about how he is tired, and that I am a wise old man. So now he calls me an old man, kinda hurtful ;) But turns out he has a brother that he hasn't seen in 20 years who is a Mormon, and he wants to me find him....So I have to find a homeless mans long lost brother!! haha! That happened as we were walking to our appointment with S***! S*** has been slowing a little, we felt like she wasn't really wanting to be baptized for the wrong reasons, so Elder H and I felt like we should kinda pressure her for her understanding. Turns out she knows a lot more than we thought and she really feels like this is the true church! We reset a date with her because she was gonna be baptized on the 28th but she wasn't ready.

Saturday and Sunday: Just stake conference! I learned a lot! But what I really liked was someone mentioned 1st Samuel 10:6 and I had read it that day! It talked about how Saul was chosen to be captain over the Lords inheritance. But what I really liked and what was mentioned was it says in verse 6 that the Spirit of the Lord will come upon him, and he will be a new man! I think that is true with everyone that is truly converted to this Church. We have the spirit in our lives, and it helps us become new people. Idk, food for thought :) 

I hope all of you are doing well! I think Spring Break is coming up soon right?? Any fun plans???

Love you!!! 

Elder Meier

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