Date: Monday, April 20, 2015, 1:26 PM

This week is crazy! It had it highs and lows and pretty much bounced all over the place. I have a lot to write about, but there is only a little time. We have a ton of stuff to do today, so forgive me for the grammar and spelling, it should be worse than usual, because I am going fast.

First off, we got our Transfer notifications!This was a massive transfer. We are losing a ton of missionaries and not getting enough replacements. So our zone got rattled quite a bit. We are merging Zones with another Stake and most of the companionship's are being shifted.

I am moving to Antioch YSA ward, and I will be the new Zone Leader there. I honestly have no idea why, but whatever! I just got keep being a solid missionary and the rest will fall into place right? My companion will be Elder B****e-Y**! He is a really close missionary friend of mine so I am super stoked! Elder H is staying, and his new companion will be Elder F!!! My old companion! haha small world!

We had this cool service project on Saturday. This organization called Rebuilding Together Oakland combined with the "mormon helping hands" to do a service project for the Oakland parks/forestry thing in the hills behind the temple. We got invited to go. It was awesome! Our group went up into the hills where the forestry guys had marked out a new trail that they wanted to build. So they gave us tools and we hacked away!

We are trying to get our investigators to keep progressing. It is hard sometimes. Some get baptized and others take a while to get going. We are trying to help them understand why we do this. Most of the time it comes down to they need to start being serious about the covenants they are going to be making. Time and time again, that is what we focus our teaching on.

But it was also a hard week. The last week of the transfer is always a little lower. I tried to do my best to stay motivated and put out everyday. We got a lot of no's. We got rejected and cancelled on a lot. Never fun but oh well. We had some interesting no's. I am finding out there are a lot of creative ways to reject someone.

And this is a bit more serious but figured I should let you know. There is this little dive bar right in the upper middle of our area. It is in this shopping center and then it is neighborhoods. The O****y family lives close to it and we were over there in the evening coordinating some of our missionary efforts. Anyway, we stayed a bit and talked with them and then there son drove us home. We drove right past this bar and there were cops everywhere. Police tape up, lights ablaze, officers everywhere. We had to take a different street home. Gave us a bad feeling. We found out later that there was a stabbing there. I guess 3 people got injured pretty bad, but no deaths that we know of! I guess it was related to the H***s A*** gang. We literally were like a 100 yards away!!

Anyway, just to answer a few questions you may have... Antioch is the biggest zone in the mission now. It has about 26 missionaries. It covers 5 different ward buildings but like 12 wards. So it is huge! I am seriously so nervous!!!! ARgh!!! But yes it is Elder A's old area!!! So that is pretty cool! I also get to drive a truck!!!

Love you all!!!!
-Elder Meier