First week of the
Transfer!!! Wooot WOOOooot! Jk It was pretty rough. Elder H and I both have agreed that Satan tries to ruin our lives the first week, because for some reason everything more or less goes wrong! But since we like to be faithful around here, we got to see miracles! So first off, Mom I read your email. I love the insight. I'm actually trying to read the entire old testament! I'm in Samuel right now! I started like 2 weeks ago! It was really hard to plug through Leviticus and Numbers! But I thought it was so interesting to see all the commandments and procedures the Lord gave the people of
Israel. I also thought it was interesting to see what scriptures are like the main doctrine of different
religions. Like in Num 6 where it talks about the Vow of the Nazarite. It talks about how you don't cut your hair and things and I feel like that what the Sikh religion really focuses on! So I thought it was really cool, I also get really bugged about how disobedient the children of Israel get, LIKE JUST OBEY THE LAW OF MOSES!!! Haha anyway!  Holy Crap! Oly rugby looks sooooo good!!!!!!!!!!
Their support and ball movement is really fast!!! Really smooth! I am so mad  I can't be there! But thank you so much for the clips!!! I love them! Quinn is doing great! Who are the coaches?? Is Dad helping? I am slightly getting thinner. I hope. :) It's really hard to get fit again. I only get like 30 minutes every morning. It really sucks so I feel like there really isn't much progress. Not to mention, all the healthy good food is too expensive and we only have an hour to prepare and eat our food. So it's always the cheap, fast, and unhealthy food for me! hahaa! Sorry, but I am trying my best to not eat too much!  I haven't gotten your package yet, I will probably be getting it on Wednesday cause we have Zone Conference then. They usually hold everything until then! But I can't wait for it :D  Also, no need to freak out. BUT WE HAD A FLEA IN  OUR APARTMENT!!!! IT WAS LIKE TRYING TO EAT ME! SO I TRIED TO KILL IT BUT IT IS LIKE INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! SO I TRIED TO
Monday: Just a fantastic P-day! Funny story! When
Elder H and I went to dinner at McDonald there was a
homeless man there. He was really mad that the Mormons
thought he was gonna go to Hell because he wasn't
married! We talked to him for a little bit and then the
Mcdonalds manager came out and asked if everything was okay,
and we said "yeah!" and she explained that
they've had problems with the guy before! So we said we
will keep him under control! But K**, for that was the
homeless mans name, left. Elder H and I continued to
eat and then 5 minutes later K*** walks in obviously not in a
good mood. He looks at me all wide eyed and yelled "ALL
WOMEN WANT IS MONEY!!!"  and then slammed the table
MONEY" So we talked to K*** about how God will take care
of him if he is patient and if he prays! We testified that
God loves all of his children and that he knows each of us
personally and knows how to help us! He looked astonished!
It was amazing to see his whole demeanor change after
hearing that. He calmed down, said "God will help
me." and he left! It was awesome! It's cool to see
that, homeless people are not just crazy people that hang
around. (well they are to an extent) but they have dreams
and are REAL people! They are someones child! IDK it was
just a big eye opener for me!
Tuesday was friggin crazy! So we did street
contacting a ton! Nothing very exciting happened until after
dinner. We met with a LA lady named S** L**! She is an
Indian woman from Fiji, the only reason she joined the
church was so she could get into an LDS school.. So
she really doesn't have that good base. But nothing
interesting there. What was interesting was after we were
done with her, we dropped off our bikes at the church at
around 7 so we could talk to some people on the street!
Wednesday we got to see A**** and E****! They are
both doing awesome! A*** is kinda struggling with the B.O.M.
and Joseph Smith. What is worrisome about **** is, she said
she got an answer on the BOM and Joseph Smith a few lessons
back. But now she says she hasn't so.....we are gunna
talk to her about the Holy Ghost! But she is seriously
Legit!! E****, is on date to be baptized for the 11th of
April!!!! She is so excited! We were teaching her about the
plan of salvation and in the middle of the lesson she was
just like "this all feels right, I love this." I
felt like it was the time to invite her to be baptized! It
was amazing her, and her member friend just starting crying!
She is seriously so prepared!!! It was so amazing!!! We are
seeing miracles!
Thursday was just the New Leadership Training it
pretty much took up the whole day. It was lame. Just learned
things I already knew. But I learned how to do a Baptismal
Friday: Weekly planning.
Saturday: Today was the day we had district
meeting! It was my first time doing it, IT WAS HARD!
Basically, as a District Leader, I am the leader over 5
other missionaries. They account to me every week on their
efforts, and I account to the Zone Leaders who account to
the AP's. It is really stressful! But during every
district meeting, the DL has to do a training for the other
missionaries! I had never given a training before, I was so
nervous! But on Friday I really prayed and asked for help on
what I need to give a training on! After I said amen, I felt
like I should focus on member referrals! After that it was
all a blur! The training went awesome! I was so happy I
prayed and asked for help! Cause I seriously will need
Sunday: Kinda disappointing A**** nor E*** came to
Church. Both had a work emergency. It really put a damper on
things! But luckily we got to have a b-day party for Elder
H at the O****s! E. H turns 19 on the 18th!!! SO
WOOOO!!!! The O*****s are so amazing!!! They are like the
family away from the family! HAHA!
I am doing well, I love the vids! Love all of
you! Sorry no pictures! :( I failed!
-Elder Meier

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