Dear Family,

First off, I hope Tatum got a letter telling her HBD ..and that  I didn't forget her Birthday, she just has to wait a little longer for the gift cause I wanna get her something but it's in Oakland so I have to wait until we are over there to get it! haha I felt guilty that the gift won't get there for a while but I hope it's worth it!

Second. What is the skype info, I already forgot my password and username!

Okay So miracles!!!!!

On Thursday we had our ward correlation, where we unite the ward mission with the actually mission so that we are united and working together. We had that meeting and one of our ward missionary's has a sister who we had wanted to meet , who happened to be there. So we actually invited her (T***) to our meeting. At the very end she decided that she wanted to come back to church and start meeting with us! IT was AMAZING!!! She hadn't met with missionaries in forever!!! We were so excited!!!!

Another miracle was we were able to find 2 new investigators!
J**: Super solid! We found him street contacting, he was really confused as to why there are so many different churches and what makes them different. We taught him the Restoration! He said his eyes have been opened and that he would get baptized if he knew it was true! So we gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to pray! Super SOLID!!!!

N***:  She has a lot of questions, but she isn't super committed to actually being baptized. But we will work with her!!

So that basically was the goods of the week! I went on exchanges with the AP's! It was actually really fun! I was super nervous's the AP's ! But it definitely wasn't bad. They are just normal missionaries who do the exact same thing all the other missionaries do. Except more planning and stuff!Hard workers.

This area is sooooo fun! Driving the truck around! Being with all the members just hanging out is seriously the best! I love the YSA ward!!! haha! I am loving  getting to know everyone.

Hope you are all doing well!!!

-Elder Meier