Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Its good to be seen in the Temple

Dear Family,

Sorry I am emailing so late! I only have like an hour because of how things are working out today. We have dinner at 5 we had to do cleaning and also the Temple, which only leaves us with like an hour and a half to email. But gotta do what ya gotta do! so sorry. This one will kinda be short cause there is nothing really fantastic that happened this week!

But the Temple was AMAZING!!!! I really feel the spirit there! Today in the Celestial room I had a cool little experience! So I was praying about what I needed to be doing to help the missionaries and the people we are teaching progress in every way possible! When I had just finished asking that, one of the members of the high council that I knew tapped me on the shoulder. Of course I looked up and said "Hey! Good to see you!" I assumed he would give me the same old, 'good to see you too' but he said "It's good to be seen here." That really hit me pretty dang hard...I was kinda taken back. We finished the convo and parted ways. But I started thinking about what he had said. It was an answer to my prayer, I felt like we, as missionaries, need to be helping EVERYONE prepare for the Temple. So that they CAN be seen there in the Celestial room. IDK that was something that I felt like was really cool!

The pants I can keep for later! The shoes I'll keep here, I wore them yesterday!! haha!

I really enjoyed Skype! I wish we could've stayed on longer, but we had church! So that is okay! I was really grateful to have been able to talk with all of you, sorry if I may have grilled everyone!!!!

But I really care for all of you and I want you all to know that the most happiness can be achieved as we stick to the Gospel and we strive to reach those "Gospel Milestones" We need to be focused on getting our patriarchal blessing, going to the temple regularly, studying and applying the things we learn in the scriptures. As we do those things, I know all of your lives will be happier and less stressful! Even though it may seem hard, it's worth it!

But you all looked so good! It was truly a blessing to be able to see all of you again!!! UGH! I hate the few days after Skype because I have withdrawals hahaha! I don't have any pictures, nothing really special has happened last week! But I'll for sure keep you all posted!!!
-Elder Meier

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