Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, July 27, 2015

May 18 Strangers Waitin Up and Down the Boulevard

Well, another week as come and gone in the Antioch Zone. Just like anything else in life, it has had its ups and downs. Now having said that, this week had probably a little more downs than ups. Except for a wonderful baptizim we had which I will mention at the end!!
 But WHATEVER life goes on AND ON and ON and OOONNnnnnnn.................STRANGERS!! WAITIN' UP AND DOWN THE BOULEVARD!!! SHADOWS SEARCHING IN THE NIIIIiiiiiGGGHHHTT!!! Anyway, sorry about that!
Well this last week I went on 2 exchanges, I went to the Oakley Elders area with Elder V and then I went to Hillcrest 2 Elders area with Elder Mt! It was super fun! Elder V is just a funny guy! He is like 6' 5" and huge! So I felt like a boss whenever we got out of the car to go to a lesson! Seriously, it was like "Yeah we are here to THROW DOWN!!" When I went on exchanges with Elder M we went around blasting Cambodian music just so we could contact new cultures  because he (elder m) speaks Cambodian! So that was really cool and fun!!
Umm this week just kinda was like BLEH.... It's Finals week, and since we only basically teach College Students NO ONE wants to meet with us! So it kinda stinks! I already hate finals and I have never even taken one yet!!!!

 But THE BEST FOR LAST something that was so very notable was.............A---- got baptized yesterday!! It was awesome!!! She started crying in the font and it was just an all around good experience for her! It's awesome to see how happy she was after coming out of the water! Truly an amazing experience!! I am so grateful to have met and taught her... I don't have words to describe the experience. (Hopefully she doesn't mind me posting this picture).

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