Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 20 & 27 LOVE IT

 July 27th


This week was super crazy! We had to do a ton of stuff. It was one of those weeks where I felt like I didn't do anything, but then looking back at it. We did a TON of stuff!!! I am hecka exhasuted from this whole week!! 

So first off E. O is awesome! Still a really solid guy, just like in the MTC! Super fun and super cool! Plus he has a cool eskimo shoes, but that's for another time. he also has a realyl strong desire to help the zone! Which is always a plus!

So on Tuesday we had a lot of report stuff to do...But we also had our interviews with President Frandsen! I was the very first person he ever interviewed in the mission EVER!!! He was sooooo great!  He is a really cool guy, kind of business like, but very determined. He has some really awesome ideas for the mission and I feel like he knows exactly what he is doing! Sis. Frandsen is so nice and is very open and just really funny! She made us cookies and was really fun to talk to..
Also, after interviews we had a lesson with one of our investigators named C----! He has been going to church for like 9 years in the Brentwood 2nd ward, but for some reason he was never baptized. So we started teaching him! He committed to be baptized on the 16th! He is super solid! Everyone we talked to about him was shocked that he wasn't a member! So it's crazy how people just assume things and allow them to slip through the cracks! After that we had to do our stake reports because that night we were going to meet with the Stake President, the high councilman over missionary work, and also President Frandsen. So we had to make sure the stake reports were on POINT! The meeting ended up going well and a lot of assignments were made so we are excited about that :)

Wednesday we had our Zone Leadership Council, it's kinda like a ward council for missionaries. We talke about the needs of the zone and what not. It was productive! Then we had Zone Training Meeting where the entire zone comes and we get to train them! It was fun, but it also took a lot of time to do all of those meetings!!! Crazy how many reports and trainings and things we have to do. It is tough work but I am thankful for the practice! Then we taught a member named C----! She is planning on getting her patriarchal blessing soon! So we talked a lot about it to her! She is extremely excited about it all! We also taught N----! She is still on date for the 16th as well! She was in Tijuana over the weekend and stuff but she is home now! Her mom is wanting her to push back her date, cuz the mom is nervous about Mormons. But N---, as she was telling us the story, bore testimony to her mom about how she knew this was the church she loved, and that it was the true church. It was an awesome experience!!!

Thursday was a long day...We went to Hayward, but since we were kinda by Oakland, we text the zone to send us list of supplies they need so we can bring it back. Well we get done with the errands, we stop by the Ormsby's in San Lorenzo cuz we were passing by, THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I love that family! Their son was back from his mission, so I finally got to meet him! They are all doing well :). But anyway, we go to Oakland pick up all this stuff for people in the Zone, and right when we get into Pittsburg, which is 30 minutes from Oakland, we get a text from the office telling us we forgot something really important.....So we had to go back. Well 1 hour later, we end up drivign like 200 miles that day, barely any proselyting got done. And we were both distraught!

Friday we taught N---, she just rails us with all these questions that don't even apply. Like in Alma 32 talking about the seed she took it waaay out of text...Then we had weekly planning. We also taught C--- again, again he is super super solid! He has invited like literally 3 wards across the mission to his baptism! 

Saturday basically we did all this service! There was a stake picnic for Pioneer day and we helped set that up and we actually attended and helped with pick up and did a little singin thing and it was just a party!!!  We got to meet a lot of new people, and it was just bumpin'!!! The pics of that party are on another elders camera...but I will get them some time next week! 

The future is still kinda far, but don't worry I am considering a lot of things don't worry. I am getting better at running and working out. Obviously more progress is needed but I am doing well with getting better habits.
I am glad Samantha's Boyfriend is awesome! It's weird not really knowing this guy....but I'll trust y'all!! Sounds like a good guy :)

Also, I did talk to you about the Watches and the birthday box. I sent like a big email about that. So I don't know if you read it or not. I specifically remember being proud of myself for thanking you for them...

Love you family!!!
-Elder Meier

Well Here are some pictures!!!

The Zone!

July  20th:

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