Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug. 4 TEMPLENESSITY & YSA Missionary Minds

So to first answer some of your questions from the last email (see I read them haha!) 😀I think we are going to start working on the basics once again, I think that will really help the mission. Tomorrow is MLC and we usually figure out what President Frandsen wants us to change. The Grill is going pretty well, it was all cleaned up and it was working, but we got super excited and grilled a lot. But now there is no propane in the tank so it is useless right now until we fill it up.
Our investigators are doing awesome! N--- is still on date to be baptized on the 16th! She is so cool, I was thinking a lot about how much she has changed over the past few months and it has been ASTOUNDING how much progress she has made! She is literally soaking everything in! C--- is the exact same way! He is super stoked to be baptized, he is doing everything and learning everything and loves all of it! He has soooo much support it is awesome! Man he is soo cool! He was actually at the All-Poly camp last summer, so you probably saw him....Nadine is also doing pretty good! She is still asking weird questions but she is reading. Which, for her, is a big step in the right direction! R--- is a new 'gator and so is a guy named N--! They are both really curious and ask awesome questions! Nico might play for Dixie (cuz I recruited him) haha! jk. But he is a baller and so he might go play there! M---- showed up to church with her  friend E---! Which was super awesome, E---- is getting active and now he is doing missionary work! Man I love that guy! He is so funny! Tomorrow after MLC we are going to the temple with Him, M---, and our Ward mission Leader Cayson Renshaw (Courtney Browns cousin).I seriously love the YSA ward! It is just basically a group of homies all hanging out doing missionary work! I love working with all of them, the all have a really strong desire to help with us or give someone to us to teach! Really an amazing ward! Our apartment is like 2 minutes away from the chapel! So it is nice to be really close!
We weren't affected by the fires but we definitely saw them! They were really close to a few of our members homes. We didn't feel the earthquake, so it must've not been very big. No one has talked about it, like they did with the one in NAPA. I have been reading the B.O.M., and then I end up getting transferred and then I start over ... and so I read it like that, and also I find topics. But I have been marking a lot of scriptures and studying them to get more out of it now. I think probably a month to get through it again. We haven't had anyone get through the whole thing, while investigating. So that has been a factor, which is really nice, because they don't need to have the whole pie to know it's good. Right? They just need to read a part pray to know it's true and then get baptized. Then read the rest. That sounds weird but true.
There for sure have been missionaries from Utah, but I don't know any of them...I have lost hope in people being called to my mission! I knew gramz was serving with some sisters! That is crazy!! Small world...

But I went through the temple today!!! AHH man it was awesome! I love going through there. I wish we could go more, because it is nice to hear about all the covenants you are making and it's a good reminder. Cuz, sometimes I am too scared to sacrifice things to help the Lord. It was kind of a slap in the face today, because there are a lot of little things that I am still holding on to that I need to let go to build up Zion. So I was glad to get that reminder and focus on the things I need to give up!
Well I hope this is a good email for you! I left my cord back home...I had temple pics. Whoops. But I LOVE EACH OF YOU!

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