Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 10th: ACCEPT CHANGE

August 10th:
Hey Y'all!

Also, sorry I am coming on so late. I was on a hike with some members! It was a good time!  It was weird cuz it was yellow and there are a ton of hills. Not the same kind of hike like in Utah, but it was still pretty :)
Well lets get down to business! This week was pretty bomb! So our investigators...we only saw C---, N----- and R----. C---- and N---- are still good for this Sunday! Woot Woot! We haven't gotten all the details yet of who is doing what but it is happening! It's been kinda hard to schedule it though, because it was first going to be on the 16th, but then it was moved to the 15th, then it was moved back to the 16th. Mainly because C--- wants to be confirmed that Sunday. But we were finally able to work it all out so everyone is happy :) N--- is solid as well! Really not much to report. R--- was also really solid. She is just kinda meeting for info, but she is starting to open up a little more. She mentioned how if God opens another path for her she usually takes it, but for some reason, the LDS isn't one she thinks she should take. So we are helping her see God is showing her a better way to go! I just think it will take a little time for her to come out of her shell.
We also had MLC, there has  been a change in rules concerning music....we are now only able to listen to MoTab and Hymns :( I fought long and hard to keep it anything spiritual, but I guess missionaries always push it so President wants to make it this way...It actually hasn't been too bad! It helps with the spirit so I guess that isn't too bad. And I should not have tried to direct anything..I know its for the best...
 It was a good week. OH I ALMOST FORGOT!  I went on exchanges with E.A on his birthday! It was a good time! He is an awesome elder, and I am always learning from him! Such a stud! Here are some pictures...but I am sure you already saw them!!!

​Love yall!!!
Elder Meier

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