Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Monday, August 31, 2015


Well, this week was pretty dang good! We were able to teach a lot of lessons this week! Which is always a good thing to have! Still in the YSA ward and I am still loving it! There are a bunch of awesome people to support us and all that goodness! I am still alive and whatever

But this last week E.O and I went to this place called Hazel's it's apparently some famous place in this area. But anyway....they are famous for this huge burger called the Willy burger! It's literally the size of a Frisbee, like it was huge! I ATE ALL OF IT! I felt like I was going to get so sick after, but I ate it :D It was hard eating dinner that day, because I basically ate 4 different hamburgers with everything on them when I ate the Willy Burger! It was fun though! Elder O didn't eat it all....But that's okay! He only had a little bit left! 

Other than that we met with a few of our investigators! E--- is a guy found at LMC he is awesome! He is a Jehovahs Witness and he is very spiritually in tune! We taught him the plan of Salvation and he actually grasped it pretty well! He asks a lot of questions and they seem like good genuine questions! We also added a new investigator named C---! He is from the Congo! He used to be really religious but then he started asking questions and he lost his faith. Which is sad because questions are supposed to build our faith. But we taught him a little bit about the Restoration and then prayed with him and got a return appointment! So that is exciting! We also taught N---, who basically just tried to tell us that she got her answer and that it was a no. So that was awkward...but we invited her to go to the temple and she accepted! So we can't wait for that. Then...oh man...this gets weird. So, the Antioch 2nd elders gave us one of their investigators named J---, they told us that she was pretty solid and that she is interested in learning about the Gospel. So we were all like! Okay! cool! We will teach her! So we give her a call and set something up.But in the end, she and the family were not that serious and it was a really crazy visit... so I am not sure what happened with them prior to that. We had to kindly visit, and left without any opportunity to get a lesson in. They had to leave.

My favorite scripture story right now is in Mosiah! Chapters 20-24 when it talks about 2 different people in bondage and how the both respond to that bondage differently! It's awesome to compare how they relate! My challenge to you this week, is to look that up and let me know your thoughts!

Love you all!!!

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