Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Boo! ( October 31 st - 2014) Audio

OCTOBER 31 - 2014

 Friday October 31st Halloween." Hey family I think I just decided to do these audio journals because I suck at writing and my hand cramps up, and I am a lot better at talking than writing and I feel like I can be more detailed.  So today, its Halloween woot woot!  Well, it was raining today and we didn’t have the car. My bike tire is flat,  so we had to walk in the rain for two hours to get a repair thingy for my tire. While we were there we bought this  voice recorder.so I had heard about this from some of the other elders so I am going to try it out. Anyway it kind of sucked because it was rainy but luckily I had my new rain jacket, I had just purchased it so the timing was perfect. I got all your packages, Elder H, and Elder B dropped them off. Thank you so for the pocket editions of the scriptures,I have already  put those to good use. I am also grateful for the camera. Thank you so much! I took pictures of Halloween.. tonight. And also for the handbook, are you dropping a hint??!! Jk, it was good to have another one, thank you!  we did get one when we went into the MTC… But now I have two so thanks. So after all that, after we opened the packages and then we stayed and worked on a plan on how to use the members until about 5. Then we went to the R Family, where we ate footlong hot dogs wrapped in bread  and they were supposed to be like Halloween mummies they were actually really cool. And we also had pomegranates. Then we did  our happy haunted house Halloween cleaning, deep cleaning. And it was not happy! I hated it and it sucked, I cleaned the bathroom by myself. Elder F did everything else, well not everything else, well most of it… he rearranged the whole apartment and that was his choice, I didn’t really want to but I let him do it and he was just going to do it himself so it wasn't that bad. I did help him, though and it wasn't that bad.. It was good. Nothing else really happened… I miss you guys.. And right now we are tired. We had two exchanges in a row.. and that made us tired. A good tired. But we have some stuff to do, and so I am signing off. Pray for us! Elder Meier out"  Transcribed from Audio}


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