Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Sunday, January 31, 2016


October 5th – voice recordings

October 12th – voice recordings

October 19th - Hey YALL!!!!
I got the battery charger box. I might not get the other box until later this week :) but thanks for the FAM HISTORY STUFF!!!! IT"S AWESOME! I only have a little time to email. Sorry. The Family history center at our chapel is under construction so yeah.  This week was good! We ended up teaching 20 lessons this week! Which is really good! It was really hard but we ended up doing it! It was a goal we had so we reached it! Hard work pays off! We saw most of our gators! M** is being weird but still wants to meet we just are trying to drop him but he won’t let us! haha J** is taking things more seriously. We got G**, a recent converts husband, to pray in front of us. Which is crazy ‘cuz he has never done that before. Everything is really good. Sorry I can't write much more. I tried sending the Voice recording but the dumb computers here in the public library don’t have places for USB ports. Lame. SORRY THIS WEEK wasn't good! my camera is all charged up so I'll try to take a lot of pictures this week to make up for it! LovE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU ALL

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