Elder Meier

Elder Meier

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sept Good Deal

September 21, 2015

Boy oh boy, 
This was a really tiring week. We had a lot of things happen, some good and some not so good. But, nevertheless, we shall have eternal life. Anyway lezz get down to business....

  The ward members here are amazing! One of the differences is obviously the age, and then also just the diversity of the race and culture. Here they are really involved with having EVERYONE do missionary work. Bishop Patolo, is seriously a spiritual GIANT! He has been doing amazing things here, some are even MIRACLES! So it's been awesome working with him. My studies are going pretty well, I have been studying a lot about how Christ is Jehovah. It's been pretty interesting to see the relationship between the Old testament and the New Testament. I did get all the stuff they are perfect! Love them all! I actually just bought a suit today! Before even reading this email, I got a lighter gray suit that is slimfit! :) So don't worry I got one! And it was only like 140!!! 

The chapel is just like any chapel, except our stake center looks like a Muslim mosque. There are two chapels in one building so it's pretty intense. It about 20 minutes from the mission home so not too far away. I am actually really close to San Lorenzo though.!

I heard about the Quinn's awesome game against Northridge! So that is hecka exciting, grandpa sent me the newspaper of Quinn’s face on the page. Very Nice ;) How did the game go this week? 
School sounds stressful. It is kinda weird that mom has been at school while I have been on my mission.

Something that is really cool about being in Union city is there are a ton of different cultures  here. Like I thought other places were diverse, but here. HOLY COW! So as of right now, we are teaching a Samoan, a Nigerian,a Latvian, a Filipino, an Indian, Burmese, and an American :) 

Our Stake put together an Interfaith Choir get together with 5 other congregations. Each denomination prepared a message and some songs. The Baptists came in and didn't raise the roof, but blew the roof. It was something
else. The lady Pastor was going to town like there was no tomorrow . It was soft speaking then got louder and louder. They played their musical numbers and I am pretty friggin sure  it was the first time one of our churches was blasted with that kind of music. It was awesome! One song consisted of the same words over and over again. "He that believeth...he that believeth, on the Father and the Son shall have everlasting liffffffeeeeee." The lady that was singing it mainly was probably in her 70's. And she was jumping around, singing praising and dancing like Little Michael saying, "He'll give it to you!!! Everlasting life!!! Heyyy owwwwWW!"  Have mercy. It was something else. At the end the Pastor took the mic and yelled out, "How many of you have everlasting life?!!!! How many!!??? Praise!! Amen!!" The praises, amens, and hallelujah's never ended...it was really neat. But really crazy, except the Mormons got up. Haha. We brought the roof back down and fixed the rafters. I am so thankful for our hymns. They are so Amazing… Can I get an Amen? Amen. Needless to say, those people were awesome. We got to eat with them after and talk.It was a really cool experience to feel all the different styles of praise.

We have been able to find some people this week, we are really excited about that! 2 of which are A**, from Latvia/ Israel, we had a rough lesson with her, why? Because she believes in Christ but not his atonement. Kind of a rough lesson about that....kinda frustrating trying to teach people about Christ and his atonement when she doesn’t even believe it. Then also a guy named D**, he is cool, nothing really special about him. well. He is special. But not like any cool story about him. LOL!  

Also, me and Elder Atkinson and Elder Apostolos are gunna start a restaurant in Provo. Just a thought though.... Love you all :) Miss you!!!That would be cool.

I forgot my voice recorder I had some recordings for yall! my bad! Also, I forgot to take pictures....

But I still love you!!!
Elder Meier 

September 28th – voice recordings

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